Thursday, January 26, 2012

So first off I need to make sure that I am clear when I say I am not a cook! Not by any means or stretch of the imagination. What I am is a mommy who likes to make new things or try new things that either look really appealing through a picture or sound really appealing. (anything that has spicy on it I'm more than likely going to try) So that's all this is. Just a place for me to post the things I have tried or am going to try. And a place for you to do the same if you want to. I have tried numerous recipes that I either found on Pinterest or on Crock Pot Girls. (Okay I'm positive they have a new name due to legal issues and that will come to me in a minute) Some that I loved so much I have done more than once, two times, three times even! Seriously, there have been some good ones. Anyways...hope you enjoy! Bon Appetit~

 ~Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps~

 Okay - so this is not my picture but don't they look delicious!!!  I saw the picture and it lured me in immediately. I did however make these nummy wraps last night! And can I say - MMMM...MMMM..Good!!!  Why - I think I just did.  You can find the recipe here if you want to give these a whirl - and guess what??? They are good for you too!!

 *A Few Tips & Tricks - Okay so I don't like onions at all...but I do like the taste of an onion. (I'm a texture person) So I substituted the Onions with Onion Powder. I also didn't have any oregano or paprika on hand and they still turned out delicious. Honestly, the mixture of the dry ingredients is probably like adding Taco Seasoning without all the added salt. And it tasted just like I had added taco seasoning. I'm telling you, you have to try these!! I am a ground turkey person strictly. I do not eat ground beef any longer, not ever since I tried ground turkey. But...if you aren't a "turkey" like me you could always use ground beef instead. Also, you could make some rice on the side (white or brown) and add  that into the beef mixture if you wanted to give it more girth or make the mixture go farther if you have more mouths to feed. And finally, the most important part, the lettuce. Make sure you get a fresh, head of lettuce and a big head of lettuce at that. If your lettuce isn't large and crisp the mixture will make it soggy and if all else fails you could serve this in tortillas. Depends on how healthy you want it!!! If anyone tries it let me know what you think!!

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