Monday, January 30, 2012

Awesome 1 - 2 - 3 Cake!!

I don't know how many times I have regretted making an entire batch of brownies or cookies only to have my kids eat a few and it be left sitting there the next day taunting me. Rude, right? I think this is a great idea. It limits how much you are likely to eat. If I had an entire cake there or 20 cupcakes, I may be in trouble. (surely I am not the only one) This idea is brilliant. Thanks again Pinterest for leading the way to awesomeness! And thanks to The Hidden Pantry for sharing. But mostly...thanks to Aunt Betty!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm with the BAND!! fun was that! Much needed. A time out. A respectable, not out too late, time out for mommy and daddy. And some of my favorite peeps. It's funny how before I leave the house I think to myself, "This is too much. Getting ready. Finding something to wear, putting make up on. What the hell am I going to do with my hair? Is this even worth it?" But once I figure out all the small, very important details and I am out of the house, I think - "ahhhhh yes...just what I needed. What time do we need to be home again?" I enjoy the ride to our destination talking with my sister and my brother-in-law squared. (long but short story) I enjoyed sitting down with my friends after really good hugs and heart felt, "How are you's?" I enjoy seeing people from my past and reuniting and catching up on our lives. I enjoy all of that. But most of all, I enjoy watching a guy 'I knew when', living out his dream. A guy that hasn't given up on himself. He has amazing parents that have supported him from day one. A wife that stands by his side and raises their beautiful little girl while he works hard to fulfill his life long dream. I enjoy watching it all come together. And here it is, 10 years later, and he is being nominated for New Artist of the Year at the ACM Awards. That is insane!! But I couldn't be happier for him and his beautiful little family. It's well deserved. Plus..all completely worth it to see Erin Pickett get that flustered when he shook her hand and called her 'Darling'. Freaking Greatness!!!!

Is it hot in here or is it just JUSTIN and ERIN!!                                                                                                                                                                                 ,,GAC_26058_84999,0.html

So I guess it's true then...I guess you can do anything if you want it bad enough. If it's worth putting in the blood, sweat and tears. Possibly going broke over and eating Ramen noodles for a brief time, maybe having to pass on the things that you really want but don't need, putting all of your heart and soul into something because you believe THAT much that you were meant to do it. What an awesome thing to be so passionate about something. I love it and I envy it. I just need to find what it is that I want. I'm still looking for my dream. My niche, my talent, my passion. The thing that makes me different from everyone else. The thing that makes me stand apart from the crowd. The thing that makes me feel proud of who I am. And there is nothing scarier to me than the possibility of never finding it. Until then....

Thursday, January 26, 2012

 Sunburst Mirror

So one of my favorite Decorating blogs is - The Nesting Place. I love her house. I love how she changes things up with the same pieces of furniture and art but it takes on an entirely new look. I love how clean and on purpose everything looks in her house and yet nothing really goes with the other. I love how I look at lamps she has bought or table decorations and I think to myself ' there is no way I would have ever thought a lamp like that would have looked good in any household but in hers it looks like it belongs there'. I swear she could put a piece of coal on a wall or table or in a bowl and it would probably look amazing! I mostly love how expensive everything looks but nothing really is. So that is what caught my eye about this mirror. I needed something big and white to go up against my gray walls but in my little nook you see there, right above my fireplace and smack dab in the middle of my wall. And I wanted to see if I could find the one she had up in her house - like find it and buy it somewhere. And then, when I discovered she made it, and it was made our of poster board!!! Yes - that's right - poster board - I couldn't believe it! And I couldn't turn back either. And just so you know, unless anyone that comes in to my house is lying to me, everyone that compliments that mirror is also shocked to learn it's made out of poster board! So here are the directions and the only thing I can add to this is cut as straight as you can, and as symmetrical as you can. Make sure the pieces you are using to trace from look as much alike as you can, they will just be different sizes. (you will know what I am talking about if you look at the tutorial) Anyways - good luck!!! - Oh and her mirror looks way, way, like way better than mine but whatever...I may attempt this again at a later date. ; )
Just Scratching an Itch....

This doesn't really require a 'How To' but I'm just adding this because I got bored or angry today...or maybe a combination of both and this was the result of that "Boranger".  I had the frame sitting around doing nothing, left over felt and a plethora of buttons that I have no idea what I am going to with. 
 <3 Heart Button Frame <3        

Doesn't it look cute on my favorite blue table? I mean it probably shouldn't get too comfy because I don't know if I'm leaving it there but for now - me likey!! And yes, those are coffee filter flowers peonies. I rarely have to water them. ; ). Anyways, something so small makes me so happy! That and the smell of my glue gun.
Okay, as far as the pink chocolate chip cookies go - also a big hit amongst the girls!! Even my son, Jackson, thought they pretty cool. And he is 9 1/2 and like way cooler than me. I did get the idea from Pinterest but her cookies said they are crunchy and we don't do crunchy, we do chewy so I just bought the cookie dough from the store, put it in a bowl and added the pink gel food coloring.  I kneaded it with my hands until it was the color I wanted.  It will darken up some in the oven so keep that in mind. And your hands are going to get stained but just wash as soon as you are done and it will eventually go away.  Anyways, if you are a fan of the crunchy here is the link.

 And you can make whatever color of cookies you want!!! Fun..Fun!

~Rainbow Cupcakes & Pink Chocolate Chip Cookies~
 They are the bomb people. And they are so simple and easy.  I'm sure you are thinking it is completely unnecessary for me to blog about the rainbow cupcakes because of their simplicity. However, I am not blogging to tell you how to make them.  I'm here to tell you how cool you will be if you do make them. For about three hours I was the coolest mom on the block.  No seriously. I was awesome! And my daughter and all her friends all said so!! Who doesn't want the acceptance of 4 seven year old girls. Point for Mommy! Anyways, besides just being fun for her - these things have endless possibilities. Seriously. Think about it. Superbowl Party~Breast Cancer Awareness~Valentines Day~Mavs Watching Party~I could go on and on and on and on.  Just do it!
So first off I need to make sure that I am clear when I say I am not a cook! Not by any means or stretch of the imagination. What I am is a mommy who likes to make new things or try new things that either look really appealing through a picture or sound really appealing. (anything that has spicy on it I'm more than likely going to try) So that's all this is. Just a place for me to post the things I have tried or am going to try. And a place for you to do the same if you want to. I have tried numerous recipes that I either found on Pinterest or on Crock Pot Girls. (Okay I'm positive they have a new name due to legal issues and that will come to me in a minute) Some that I loved so much I have done more than once, two times, three times even! Seriously, there have been some good ones. Anyways...hope you enjoy! Bon Appetit~

 ~Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps~

 Okay - so this is not my picture but don't they look delicious!!!  I saw the picture and it lured me in immediately. I did however make these nummy wraps last night! And can I say - MMMM...MMMM..Good!!!  Why - I think I just did.  You can find the recipe here if you want to give these a whirl - and guess what??? They are good for you too!!

 *A Few Tips & Tricks - Okay so I don't like onions at all...but I do like the taste of an onion. (I'm a texture person) So I substituted the Onions with Onion Powder. I also didn't have any oregano or paprika on hand and they still turned out delicious. Honestly, the mixture of the dry ingredients is probably like adding Taco Seasoning without all the added salt. And it tasted just like I had added taco seasoning. I'm telling you, you have to try these!! I am a ground turkey person strictly. I do not eat ground beef any longer, not ever since I tried ground turkey. But...if you aren't a "turkey" like me you could always use ground beef instead. Also, you could make some rice on the side (white or brown) and add  that into the beef mixture if you wanted to give it more girth or make the mixture go farther if you have more mouths to feed. And finally, the most important part, the lettuce. Make sure you get a fresh, head of lettuce and a big head of lettuce at that. If your lettuce isn't large and crisp the mixture will make it soggy and if all else fails you could serve this in tortillas. Depends on how healthy you want it!!! If anyone tries it let me know what you think!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

~Just Keep Pinning~

Okay now when reading the title I would ask that you actually sing it to the tune of Dory's song, "Just Keep Swimming", in Finding Nemo. (Please...just so I know I'm  not the only crazy person out there that has this ridiculous tune in my head.) And it would be one thing if I was actually singing the correct words but nope - I incorporate my 'Pinterest' life and sing it my own way. "Just keep pinning, just keep pinning, Just keep pinning, pinning, pinning. What do we do we piiiiiiiin, piiiiiiiin, piiiiiiiin. OH HO HO How I love to pin. When you WAAAAAANNTTT to pin you want to pin." There you have it folks. That was all for you and a little dose of my crazy, happy thoughts. Sing away!!!!!

So there are some advantages of being married to a man that keeps us on a strict budget. Some. One of those is that he would rather do the grocery shopping than me. Yes, I am a stay at home mom that doesn't do the grocery shopping. But for the record, I would prefer to. It's a good excuse for me to get out of this house. Shamelessly, I have to admit, that majority of the time I do not have the self control to stick to the 'LIST'. The god forsaken, awful list that we come up with every week. I just can't do it. I really, truly can't. Well to my credit I may have been successful once or twice. Either way, he would prefer to go. Which means he goes at night, after the kids are in bed. ; )

This means that after I have picked up the house and all is quiet I have about an hour of free time. Tonight, I went straight to this computer and got on Pinterest. I realized it has been too long. It's not that I am not just as obsessed, it's just that I'm not currently redecorating anything and there is no major holidays heading our way so I have no reason to be on there all the time. Wait - did I just say that? I don't need a reason to be on there all the time.  I just love it because it lets me unwind. It gets my creative juices flowing. Its like a good foot rub or a relaxing pedicure.  I never really realized that until now. I'm not dumb, I know most things I pin are not ever going to see the light of day but I'm a girl with hope. And gosh darn it, you can't take that away from me!

So in all my 'pinning' I also came across another realization. I need to start crafting again. I don't care what it is. I don't care if it's for me or someone else. I just find a lot of joy in the entire process. I'm ready to have our next Pinterest party with all of my girlfriends and drink wine (that's a lie - I can't drink wine - horrible headaches which is a horrible misfortune but I'm much cooler if I say I drink wine) I even did the chalk at the bottom of my wine glasses. Because it's cool. Now where was I? Oh yeah - I know that the hostess is currently vomiting over a toilet due to a stomach virus but soon after, I hope we can plan the next party. You know who you are. I'm going to need you to get your priorities in line, stop that puking, and plan this party! Oh and feel better. ; ) Because I love you and I'm cool.

Pillow Talk :: Thing 1 & Thing 2

So I am convinced. I am convinced that there are two little beings (very little, like teensy-weensy little) living in my brain. Actually I believe they take residence somewhere between my brain and my skull. This is how I know they are little. But I believe they reside there because most of the time I think they are running all over my brain. One goes right, the other goes left and he goes up and the other goes down. They are crazy and don't know when to stop. Oddly enough, they sound just like me and they never really answer each others' questions or thoughts they just blurt them out!! One right after the other. Come to think of it, they are quite rude. Either way, I felt the reference for 'Thing 1 & Thing 2' was appropriate for them. Last night they were at their finest. There was no stopping them and I didn't really hear them until my head hit the pillow to go to bed.

"It's been like 2 minutes, is he seriously already asleep. I mean he is like really asleep. He is snoring. Crap, I left the clean clothes in the basket, now they are going to be wrinkled. Awesome. Wait actually I don't think there was anything in there that needed to be folded or hung up. Oh well. Man my hair needs washed. It feels like Ella's dolls hair. That is disgusting. I love watching Jackson play basketball. I wish he would give up baseball and just play basketball year round. Do they have that? I know Jacob said they probably did but I have never heard of that. That's horrible of me. Just because I love basketball watching way more than baseball watching doesn't mean Jackson doesn't love playing baseball. I'm just glad he doesn't play football - yet. Yuck. Ugh...being selfish again. What is wrong with me? What was wrong with my stomach earlier? That was weird. But I feel better now. I think. Do I? Yeah I do." - 1 minute later......"Okay Jacob's arm is really uncomfortable underneath me but I don't want to move him, I will just nudge him or maybe I will just throw his arm off of me.Whatever, and his body temp. is so hot. How does he sleep with himself every night. I would die of heat. We really need new sheets or more sets of sheets. Seriously. What are all those sheets I have in the closet. I should reorganize it like I saw on Pinterest. Why did Cyndi text me tonight instead of Lindsey? That was weird. I mean kinda weird. And why do they always ask me to trade or switch...Lord knows if I did that to them it would never fly. It's so annoying and I know for a fact if Jacob sent a text to Lindsey like that he would have laughed at us. I don't know why I bother trying to figure them out. I still remember the first time I met her. Joe T. Garcias. Wait. How did I drive myself home that day. Oh my goodness. Joe T.s Sounds so good. Maybe we could go there for Hannah's birthday. I love that place. I love Baja more. Why didn't I take Tylenol P.M. again? Why do Jacob and I stay up so late every freaking night. It's so not healthy. I want to be healthier. Okay I will start tomorrow. I have to take a shower tomorrow while Landon naps. If Landon naps. I know it's not his fault with all the stuff going on during the weekend but I need that kid to nap. He's totally not going to nap. I don't know where to go for Spring Break. We have to do something. Have to. I want to take a family vacation. I want Jacob's input more than my own this time I think. I need it. I need to be sure he wants to do this as much if not more than I do. So my kids might be upset about just seeing me Monday but we get Thursday which I like better!! Stupid divorce. I love Jacob. I loved this weekend with him. What a crazy, unexpected weekend. But fun weekend. I love weekends where we don't have much to do. Date night was fun but I don't want to get the brisket quesadillas ever again. Eww...Nope, when we share we are getting the brisket tacos. Those are the best ever. Am I hungry? What did I have for dinner? Oh yep, I probably am a little hungry. What time is it? - 3 minutes later....

You get the point right? This bantering back and forth actually didn't last as long as it normally does. And it wasn't stress related or induced. Just Thing 1 and Thing 2 - having a conversation about nothing.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Puppy Love & Spring Break & Sunday Funday!!

Sooo - I figured now was the best time to do my blogging. I don't know why but it seems way  more difficult during the week for me to sit down in front of this computer and do anything really...let alone post to my blog. I think that is mostly because of guilt - I feel bad being on here when my 2 year old would clearly rather play, when he naps (if I'm lucky) I'm afraid he can hear me typing away right outside of his room. When my big kids are at home, well...there is no time for "free time" for mommy. Between homework, dance on Mondays, allergy shots on the other side of town every 2 days, Basketball practice on Tuesdays (also the other side of town) - there just isn't enough hours in the day. But it's Sunday Funday - and to me that just means we have no plans. Nothing we have to do. Nothing we really want to do. Mr. Husband is watching football which gives me a guilt free reason to get on this computer. Besides, if I weren't doing this I would just be asleep on the couch. Or cleaning out my closet (ongoing process), or crafting...hmmmm....which reminds me..Anyways - this is a good time.

 So we have been looking at adding a new addition to our family for a few weeks now.  There is no particular dog we want. Well maybe a small one. No, definitely a small one. I have been looking on Craigslist and adoption websites. It amazes me how much the adoption agencies try to charge to adopt a dog. Actually it really upsets me. It's a ridiculous amount, an amount I feel like no one in their right mind would pay. ($250 for a mixed breed, young dog, not potty trained, still needing shots - what is that!) And if no one is going to pay then it's obvious what happens to these poor animals. I mean I can't really even go there but do I have to?   I hope that I'm just cheap and that the rest of the world isn't. But I'm also realistic. Realistic and cheap. And it makes me angry and there isn't much I can do about it.

So we get the big kids for Spring Break this year and I am so excited. I mean I always get excited when we get the kids for extended periods of time but I really want to do something this year. Something special. Something they will remember. I want to create a lasting memory. As a child I remember that my mom and dad took us camping a lot. We went to Whitney Lake, what seemed like almost every weekend. I loved camping. Oh and when I say camping I mean the pop up camper camping. Not the tent. Did that once, as an adult, that was a nightmare. A nightmare. Did I mention that my experience with that was a nightmare? Because it was. Anyways, one year my parents took us to Disney World but Disney World is such a small part of what I remember about that vacation. I remember the trip to Florida. I think it was a week or two week trip and we hooked up the pop up camper to the car and just drove. I remember camping on the beach and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. To fall asleep to the sound of the ocean or to look outside the tent and see crabs crawling around the sand. I loved that trip and Disney World was of course freaking awesome but honestly, it would not have been necessary to make that trip special. And that's what I have learned as a parent. Your kids care about time spent together and the quality of that time spent more than anything. Don't get me wrong, I would love nothing more than to be able to take our family to Disney World (the commercials alone make you want to hop on a plane and go) but I know that I don't have to. And that's a nice thing to know. Especially since I know their dad could and I gave up trying to keep up with their dad. Financially it's just impossible. But I do want to experience the beach with my kids just once, or cooking smores over a fire, or going on a bike ride that lasts forever. I want to do something they will talk about when they are older and when they do they say it is one of their most favorite vacations. So...any ideas???

Okay, well I'm going to do something with a small white frame, left over fabric and white buttons I think. Why not - it's Sunday Funday right?!?!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lost and Found

I couldn't sleep...again...last night. My brain wouldn't shut off - which is really unfair by the way. I lay there next to my snoring husband and think to myself, "Truly men are not that dumb or empty headed to be able to just turn it off." The thing is, they aren't dumb they are just way less capable of carrying emotions around with them than we are. Hey...I guess it's a gift and a curse.

Anyways, it got me thinking about that "switch". That on/off button that I can't ever seem to find. I am not sure what has been going on with me lately but if there was ever a time when I needed to literally have a switch it would be now. I mean I have always become a little more emotional once a month, every month. But the past few months if feels like it's extending much longer than that. And I just get....Lost. Like I am walking around outside my own body looking for me. Because this person, this body I am walking around in, is most certainly not mine. She is too tired all the time and short tempered and is quick to judge. She is fat and unattractive and really mean. She doesn't want to connect with her husband, she raises her voice at her kids (doesn't that sound nicer than yell?) She gets jealous of peoples accomplishments and feels sorry for herself. She finds the imperfections in people or their lives when she normally prides herself in seeing the good in everyone. She just isn't ME damn it! So I'm going to find me. And I pace and wander aimlessly until....*Deep Breath and Sigh* I find me again. And guess who is waiting there for me when I return - My Husband. And he just hugs me and says he loves me and then asks me what movie I want to watch. He never gets angry. He just waits for me. Patiently. He's been doing that from the moment I met him. Waiting for me. Patiently. He is my best friend. And we are madly in love with each other. Which is why when I get "lost" it bothers me probably more than it bothers him. Actually, no that isn't true. Definitely bothers him more. I lose all conscience thought when I am this way. I forget how lucky and blessed I am. And I really HATE myself for that!!! I know better so why do I do this? And my answer is, I have no flippin' idea. But what I do know is that I am lucky that I have those people at the other end of the dark, sometimes never-ending, tunnel. So what if my "switch" is broken. I bet you a million other women would say the same. I just hope they have the same welcoming committee I do. Otherwise, it has to be a lot harder going through that knowing it's not going to be easy when you do snap out of it.

I think I was meant to lay awake last night with my brains' knob turned to 'overload'. I think God was keeping me awake with these thoughts. I received a really sweet email from a friend about my blog. The things she wrote to me have had me thinking about them since I read them. They are probably what got me thinking about all of this last night. So I just wanted to put this out there. I am flawed. I am imperfect. I can be mean. I can be bitter. I can be  unforgiving. I get jealous. I get angry. I make bad decisions. BUT...these things are just a small part of who we are. Who I am. I am also loving. I am devoted. I am loyal. I will forgive. I am aware of my misgivings and I try to make the best of them. And if you ever need a friendly face at the end of the tunnel. Well, you got a friend in me!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's Now or Never People

Seriously, I have been inspired - I need to go with it. 

So my 7 year old daughter had 3 of her "bestest friends" over for her birthday last night. I don't know who enjoyed the evening more...Ella or myself...Okay well I guess she did. I just sat around and did a lot of reminiscing. I couldn't help myself. It was the conversation that was taking place on the drive to the movies that started it for me. All 4 of these girls were without a single care in the world. All I wanted to do was pull the car over, turn the radio down and have a heart to heart with these 1st graders. But what I wanted to say may have ruined, not only their night but their entire "growing up" years. Seriously. I mean, I wanted to tell them to enjoy each other now. To enjoy the friendship that they all have together. To really appreciate the simplicity of it and genuine honesty of it. To realize now that it isn't always going to be this easy. It isn't always going to be this fun. And it definitely isn't always going to be without drama. But I could just hear them now...after I finished my heart felt speech - "Mom~! Can you please turn the radio back up?!?!" Followed by instantaneous laughter. I snapped out of it after awhile and found myself giggling right along with them and wishing I was 7 all over again.

Life is difficult. Life is amazing. Life gets harder the older you get BUT life also gets more purposeful, more fulfilling, more adventurous, more EVERYTHING! 

And to conclude....I had a different reason for starting this blog. I wanted to follow the "pack". I wanted my blog to look "professional". I wanted my blog to have a purpose. I wanted my blog to be somewhere someone could go in case they couldn't find any other blogs out there with crafts to do or new recipes to make. (you know anyone who has been living under a rock for the last (insert any time frame-really any will do) Also, the same people under this rock...the community of  "rock dwellers" also may not know where to go to find other people's blogs who are all doing the same thing. And then I realized, all of the sudden, I was no longer excited about this blog. It had lost it's spunk to me and I started to put it off. Not really care so much about it. Not until just about 10 minutes ago, when I had this crazy thought. I want to do this for me. I don't care if it's perfect (it never will be) I don't care if it's ready (it never will be) and I don't care if anyone ever reads it. (that is an outright LIE!!!) I just want to do this because I WANT to do this. That's it. If I have time to share with you a recipe that I made and completely failed at - well I will. But I don't want to feel like I HAVE to...If I have to time to download all the pictures of and direction on a project I did...I will. When I can. So here it is...I'm putting it out there for all to see...there is nothing even close to perfect on here or about me or about my plans...I'm living by the seat of my jeggings!!!