Monday, January 23, 2012

Pillow Talk :: Thing 1 & Thing 2

So I am convinced. I am convinced that there are two little beings (very little, like teensy-weensy little) living in my brain. Actually I believe they take residence somewhere between my brain and my skull. This is how I know they are little. But I believe they reside there because most of the time I think they are running all over my brain. One goes right, the other goes left and he goes up and the other goes down. They are crazy and don't know when to stop. Oddly enough, they sound just like me and they never really answer each others' questions or thoughts they just blurt them out!! One right after the other. Come to think of it, they are quite rude. Either way, I felt the reference for 'Thing 1 & Thing 2' was appropriate for them. Last night they were at their finest. There was no stopping them and I didn't really hear them until my head hit the pillow to go to bed.

"It's been like 2 minutes, is he seriously already asleep. I mean he is like really asleep. He is snoring. Crap, I left the clean clothes in the basket, now they are going to be wrinkled. Awesome. Wait actually I don't think there was anything in there that needed to be folded or hung up. Oh well. Man my hair needs washed. It feels like Ella's dolls hair. That is disgusting. I love watching Jackson play basketball. I wish he would give up baseball and just play basketball year round. Do they have that? I know Jacob said they probably did but I have never heard of that. That's horrible of me. Just because I love basketball watching way more than baseball watching doesn't mean Jackson doesn't love playing baseball. I'm just glad he doesn't play football - yet. Yuck. Ugh...being selfish again. What is wrong with me? What was wrong with my stomach earlier? That was weird. But I feel better now. I think. Do I? Yeah I do." - 1 minute later......"Okay Jacob's arm is really uncomfortable underneath me but I don't want to move him, I will just nudge him or maybe I will just throw his arm off of me.Whatever, and his body temp. is so hot. How does he sleep with himself every night. I would die of heat. We really need new sheets or more sets of sheets. Seriously. What are all those sheets I have in the closet. I should reorganize it like I saw on Pinterest. Why did Cyndi text me tonight instead of Lindsey? That was weird. I mean kinda weird. And why do they always ask me to trade or switch...Lord knows if I did that to them it would never fly. It's so annoying and I know for a fact if Jacob sent a text to Lindsey like that he would have laughed at us. I don't know why I bother trying to figure them out. I still remember the first time I met her. Joe T. Garcias. Wait. How did I drive myself home that day. Oh my goodness. Joe T.s Sounds so good. Maybe we could go there for Hannah's birthday. I love that place. I love Baja more. Why didn't I take Tylenol P.M. again? Why do Jacob and I stay up so late every freaking night. It's so not healthy. I want to be healthier. Okay I will start tomorrow. I have to take a shower tomorrow while Landon naps. If Landon naps. I know it's not his fault with all the stuff going on during the weekend but I need that kid to nap. He's totally not going to nap. I don't know where to go for Spring Break. We have to do something. Have to. I want to take a family vacation. I want Jacob's input more than my own this time I think. I need it. I need to be sure he wants to do this as much if not more than I do. So my kids might be upset about just seeing me Monday but we get Thursday which I like better!! Stupid divorce. I love Jacob. I loved this weekend with him. What a crazy, unexpected weekend. But fun weekend. I love weekends where we don't have much to do. Date night was fun but I don't want to get the brisket quesadillas ever again. Eww...Nope, when we share we are getting the brisket tacos. Those are the best ever. Am I hungry? What did I have for dinner? Oh yep, I probably am a little hungry. What time is it? - 3 minutes later....

You get the point right? This bantering back and forth actually didn't last as long as it normally does. And it wasn't stress related or induced. Just Thing 1 and Thing 2 - having a conversation about nothing.


  1. I have some of those little brain dudes, too! I especially like when they argue about being quiet so we can all go to sleep. It's like playing the quiet game with 3 year olds!

  2. I TOTALLY have some of them too....and I right there with ya....they only decide to come out and really talk at bedtime...when I'm exhausted and really just want to sleep!!

    In reference to your meeting with Cyndi at Joe T.'s....I remember you calling me that night on your way home....pulled over on the side of the road, bawling hysterically.....and I had to help talk you into calming down to drive home...I wished more than anything I could have been there for you at that time....

    I love you....

    1. I remember that too! Like I remember when I called you I was getting on the highway! I just probably should not have been driving. If I went to Joe T's then I had a margarita. If I was meeting my then husbands 'lover' I probably had several margaritas (slight exaggeration). Either way. That was stupid. I love you too!