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This doesn't really require a 'How To' but I'm just adding this because I got bored or angry today...or maybe a combination of both and this was the result of that "Boranger".  I had the frame sitting around doing nothing, left over felt and a plethora of buttons that I have no idea what I am going to with. 

 <3 Heart Button Frame <3        

Doesn't it look cute on my favorite blue table? I mean it probably shouldn't get too comfy because I don't know if I'm leaving it there but for now - me likey!! And yes, those are coffee filter flowers peonies. I rarely have to water them. ; ). Anyways, something so small makes me so happy! That and the smell of my glue gun.

Okay but next I'm going to do one of my first DIY projects - this was before Pinterest came into my life. It is actually one of my most favorite things I have done. (You will hear me say that a lot) And a center piece for my living room wall which is odd considering it did not turn out perfect on my first go around. So if you could do me a favor and not examine it for too long, this crafter would really appreciate that. Kay Thanks!!!

 Sunburst Mirror

So one of my favorite Decorating blogs is - The Nesting Place. I love her house. I love how she changes things up with the same pieces of furniture and art but it takes on an entirely new look. I love how clean and on purpose everything looks in her house and yet nothing really goes with the other. I love how I look at lamps she has bought or table decorations and I think to myself ' there is no way I would have ever thought a lamp like that would have looked good in any household but in hers it looks like it belongs there'. I swear she could put a piece of coal on a wall or table or in a bowl and it would probably look amazing! I mostly love how expensive everything looks but nothing really is. So that is what caught my eye about this mirror. I needed something big and white to go up against my gray walls but in my little nook you see there, right above my fireplace and smack dab in the middle of my wall. And I wanted to see if I could find the one she had up in her house - like find it and buy it somewhere. And then, when I discovered she made it, and it was made our of poster board!!! Yes - that's right - poster board - I couldn't believe it! And I couldn't turn back either. And just so you know, unless anyone that comes in to my house is lying to me, everyone that compliments that mirror is also shocked to learn it's made out of poster board! So here are the directions and the only thing I can add to this is cut as straight as you can, and as symmetrical as you can. Make sure the pieces you are using to trace from look as much alike as you can, they will just be different sizes. (you will know what I am talking about if you look at the tutorial) Anyways - good luck!!! - Oh and her mirror looks way, way, like way better than mine but whatever...I may attempt this again at a later date. ; )

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