Thursday, April 5, 2012

Your Hair Is Everywhere...

So I don't normally do back to back posts but I figured you probably are wanting more of me sooner than what I am giving you. Right?? Totally joking but seriously...did you hear about the woman who thinks that we all do want more of her?? Like she's too pretty and it's a hard knock life for her. seriously...did you see her? I'm going to post this story and then her picture and then well, I'm going to leave it at that. Because...I won't have to say much more. And because I am a Christian and we Christians don't judge....; ) Like ever.

In a totally "unrelated" topic - I just swallowed my own vomit.

 Okay so I'm going to give a shout out to my hair do'er lady...Erin Butcher. Whom I a lot. She rocks my hair every time I go see her. The last time I went and saw her she had her hair all did...and I told her how much I was loving it!! Sooo...she fixed my hair for curled it. But it wasn't a curl so much as a wave. Which is exactly what I have been wanting to do to my  hair. I wear my hair one of three ways normally. Down with my kinda sorta bangs growing out pinned to the left. All up and in a ponytail bun thing a ma bob. (it's a it) or in some sort of braid. So for Erin to "wave" my hair and it stay that way through a night out, sleep and a full next day of doing who knows what..I was impressed. Needless to say, I went and bought this "Magic Wand" immediately..along with the small bottle of "Miracles" that she used. (otherwise known as a texturizer spray something or other) If you are like me and like to curl your hair on occasion but the damn curls never matter what...then you have to get this tool. No, like leave right now and go get it...It's Amazing!!  I got the Iron at Sally's...1" barrel I believe and I got the spray at Ulta. The spray is kinda pricey but it is the key to unlock the potential that is...beachy wavey I'm gonna stay all dayeeee hair...Did you like that??

The RESULTS...My hair is a little bit wavier (and poofy-er) than I would want but that just means the pieces I twisted around the barrel were too small. I also do that because I know it will lose some of it's volume. The braid is complimentary people. I will not charge. (and yes, it's in two different places) And seriously, why can't we ever get it like our hair lady do'ers do?? Ever... Side Note: not sure what's going on with the shine on my nose..but it's sexy isn't it??     

Okay so I know you people, whomever you may be, read this blog and my posts. I know this because my blog tells me so...uhhh huuuuh...sure even gives me a graph. Isn't that so very nice of it to do that for me?? And I know it's more than my 10 adorning fans that follow me.. So..for you peeps that do read my stuff...that is usually about nothing...I want to say thank you and tell you to keep a look out for my post on Monday. I'm doing my first Give Away and Imma thinkin you might like it!!!

Peace in the Middle East,


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