Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pina Colada is my favorite - for obvious reasons.

Well here I sit...Chewing on my Tropical Starburst. I believe to any fly on the wall or any other creature that has a view of me (human or insect) I probably look like a cow chewing grass. A lot of grass. Either way, maybe this is why when my husband came home last night with three packs for me (yes, i know..I'm spoiled) and I suggested we should each chew them and then make out at the same time he gave me this look of disgust. Kinda of like he was looking at a cow...chewing on grass. A lot of grass. At any rate - we didn't do it. But we still shared them. Pina Colada is my favorite - for obvious reasons. I'm a lush.

So if you haven't figured it out yet - I have nothing of value to say today. But that's okay, right? I don't always have to have some deep, meaningful post for it to be worthy of posting. Although, don't get me wrong...when I am feeling deep and meaningful, it helps tremendously to get it out there but it also feels good to not have something weighing heavy on my mind. The only thing that is making me crazy right now is that I can hear my two year old in his room jumping up and down on his bed crying, "mommy".  I HATE when he doesn't nap. But for all selfish reasons. Just so we are clear. Strictly selfish reasons. Sue me.

Also - my unfinished kitchen. I know I said it was going to be a slow process but seriously. This is like molasses. It's been over a month and all "we"  have done is taken the wall paper off (which is no easy task) and then some other stuff with some spackle or something ...on one small portion of the wall. I just want some color in that stupid kitchen. I hate that kitchen. And by "we" I mean my husband. I just sit back and judge the lack of progress. Sue me.

So one of my new favorite songs is "Somebody that I Use to Know" by I don't even know...Nobody that I Use to Know...(hahahhaaha -sorry) Anyways, it doesn't matter who sings it because I downloaded a different version. I can't stop listening to it. Judge all you want to but I'm a GLEEK. (this does not stand for Glee Geek btw  it stands for Glee Freak) I'm proud of this self given title..and when they sang that song on the show last week I  watched it like 47 times and then went straight to downloading it on ITunes. It's just spectacular. Yes, I said...SPECTACULAR. And I don't take it back either. Sue me.

I just got done reading Mockingjay. Again. It's the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy. The thing is I just read it and finished it a few months ago. Maybe a little longer. I couldn't help it. I watched the Hunger Games again with my husband and had to read the two books following. And, more than likely, I will read them again. The only reason, other than the obvious, and the obvious is that they are a SPECTACULAR read, that I think I felt like I had to read them again is because movies don't do the books justice. Or the characters or the emotions. I feel like those characters are apart of this world because they are in a book. Not on some big screen And they feel the same feelings we all feel. It makes it more real. The movies take away from that. So my point...movies suck and I read a lot this weekend. And Monday. And Tuesday. Sue me.

I have a paci habit to break, a crib to convert into a toddler bed and potty training to seriously start. I'm not sure which one to do first. They are all pretty overwhelming to a 2 year old. Although, I get the potty training is slow and he pretty much will call the shots there but I have to start somewhere. I don't want him to be my toddler, I want him to be my baby, for....EEEEEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEEEEEER!! But we all know that isn't happening. 

I also have sheets to wash, kids to pick up from school, homework to do before a baseball game tonight and dinner to start so I guess my time is up. Bummer - I had so much more unimportant things to say too. Until next time...

One last thing.. Seriously's a free photo session...Free...If you need help or don't remember what that word means, look it up. 

*If you have already done the steps below you don't have to do them again!!!! You have done your part and thanks for doing so. It means a lot!!

Anyways....I'm doing a Giveaway...because I can. Because I want to and because I know an awesome photographer who wants to with me.
Here is what you will win: 

One FREE Mini Session taken by Color Me Happy Photography
You can go to the above link to check out her Portfolio. You can choose any kind of mini session you want - Family, Grand kids, Kids, Pets, name it - she does it all!!

Here are the Rules: Pay Attention People!!

  • What I really want is for you to comment on this post. I want you to comment and tell me which photo session you are really wanting (you can change your mind later) and I want you to leave me a comment and tell me what you look forward to most this summer. That's 2 comments Peeps. You get that...On this post. Now a lot of you text me, leave me a comment on FB, email me, call tell me that you can't comment on my page. Try harder.  But if you can't. Then leave the comment under the link on FB
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  1. I think Color Me Happy Photography is awesome... I really want a photo session with just me and my little sister for our parents and grandparents... The little sis has actually been asking about a session like this for a year now.

    1. Awww..that's such a sweet idea Bailee!!!

  2. This summer I look forward to spending time with my family and my lovely friends who I have not seen because we all went out separate ways for college... Also the sun. I love the sun!

  3. You are so funny. Your streams of consciousness sounds a lot like the streams that go through my head. I love that song too. I first heard it on 106.1 and did a doubletake because 1) it is not really the type of song I'd expect to hear on KISS and 2) dude, that guy (Gotye, not Blaine) sounds a LOT like Sting and 3) what a cool sound. I finally got an iPhone (hand-me-down from my husband, who got a 4G) and all the songs I have on it so far are Mean by Taylor Swift and Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. Sue me.

    1. Haha! I love it Clarissa! And yes!! totally thought the same thing - that he sounded like Phil Collins, such an unusual song - I still can't get my hubby on the band wagon, with either version. I guess we will have to just leave being cool up to us...

    2. Umm not Phil..I meant Sting...damn it!