Monday, April 9, 2012

Liar, Liar...Pants on FIRE!!

Okay so I'm a big, fat LIAR. But, to my defense, I had no idea this weekend was going to entail so much time and so much energy. And. So. Much. FUN! So before I get into that fun, I'm sorry that I don't have a Give Away to tell all "10 of you" about today. Next Monday I promise. Maybe. I can tell you that it is going to be a good one. I can tell you that it involves pictures. Pictures of you, you and your hubby, your boyfriend, your dog, your kids, just your kids, just your dogs...whatever your little heart desires. So if your interested, guess that means you have to stay tuned for another whole week. It could be worse. ; ) Suck it up.

So my weekend started out with a Friday night at Baja for a friends Birthday..and can I just tell you....good drinks, great food, great company, great dancing and one tired momma on Saturday morning. One sleep deprived, I can't drink enough H2O, exhausted Momma!!

Look at Landon's pretty much says it all...

But we headed out Saturday morning to the Easter Egg hunt at our church. Face painting, free hot dogs and chips and sno cones, bounce houses and of course CANDY. I am not joking when I say that this year our Easter looked like a Halloween. I have not seen this much CANDY in a long time. This is not good for me...okay people...not good at all. I like CANDY. A LOT.  From there we went to Jackson's baseball game.  Jackson was exhausted but quickly perked up when he found out he was going to go see the Hunger Games with his cousin and his Nana. We went home, got ready to go to our next hunt. Glow in the Dark kinda hunt. It was so much fun too. We all went over to a friends house. Her and her hubby cooked fajitas for us, everyone brought some sort of fixin's and we had a lot of kids there. Like a plethora of children. Little ones and big ones. And guess what...more CANDY. Oh and only some of the eggs glowed. This was a trial and error hunt this year but we will be sure to get it right next time. First off, don't buy your eggs and glow in the dark bracelets...the day of. Seriously. Don't do that. When you do buy the eggs, you need to get the jumbo kind. That way you can fit the bracelets and the candy in the eggs together. The kids loved it...we loved it...And I hope that we can do it every year and start a fun tradition for our kids. Also, I hope Steph and Chris Post live there forever, the park and the baseball fields were perfect!! Haha!!

All of our kiddos!! I just love this picture. And yes, I told Lisa to leave the beer can. It's a great representation that our husbands can't handle all these kids in one place at one time without a few beers.

 Aaaaanywaaaaays...Speaking of my friend Steph (you know earlier, before I went off on a small rant about my SIL)...she posted some baseball bracelets that she made for her son and his dad on Instagram last night. I love them!! I have already asked her to make one for Jackson...and me Steph..make one for me too!!! I just thought I would share them with you in case any of you wanted one now that the Rangers and Baseball season is in full "swing". (pun intended) If you want to make them yourself you can find instructions on how to do so on Pinterest. Or go directly here.
I am too lazy so Steph is making them for me. Because she's freaking awesome...They are $5 per bracelet. If anyone is interested leave me a comment on here or on FB or if you know Steph just contact her.

And Easter Sunday came and went. My kids looked beautiful. They got some cool stuff from EB himself and we finally settled into our nightly routine. I loved this weekend. It was full of lots of laughs, lots of good chaos, I think I even got a nap in at some point, and lots of new memories were made. I love weekends when I have the kids and we get to spend it with my friends/family and their kids. It makes for a perfect, balanced weekend. The best kind.

Not sure why there is a orange hue to my picture but one of my most faves of the weekend.


  1. Love those bracelets! I just want to know if they are actually doable (not sure that is a word) to make... I am not the most patient when it comes to projects!

  2. Totally thinking of you Bailee when I asked her if she would make them if anyone wanted one. She said they are pretty easy but the tricky part was cutting them out with the box cutters. ( a little dangerous ) but I bet you could pull it off. If not let me know, I will tell her you want one, or 10. 💚