Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Free Mini Photo Session Giveaway


One last thing.. Seriously people..it's a free photo session...Free...If you need help or don't remember what that word means, look it up. 

*If you have already done the steps below you don't have to do them again!!!! You have done your part and thanks for doing so. It means a lot!!

Anyways....I'm doing a Giveaway...because I can. Because I want to and because I know an awesome photographer who wants to with me.
Here is what you will win: 
One FREE Mini Session taken by Color Me Happy Photography
You can go to the above link to check out her Portfolio. You can choose any kind of mini session you want - Family, Grand kids, Kids, Pets, Engagement...you name it - she does it all!!
Here are the Rules: Pay Attention People!!
  • What I really want is for you to comment on this post. I want you to comment and tell me which photo session you are really wanting (you can change your mind later) and I want you to leave me a comment and tell me what you look forward to most this summer. That's 2 comments Peeps. You get that...On this post.  Now a lot of you text me, leave me a comment on FB, email me, call me...to tell me that you can't comment on my page. Try harder.  But if you can't. Then leave the comment under the link on FB
  • Okay the 2nd thing you have to do is become a follower of my blog. I have 10 whole followers now - I know who you are. Seriously - all you have to do is follow me. That's not so bad...is it?? I can think of worse things to have to do. (obviously if you already follow me you can omit this step)
  • Third - you need to go here and like the Color Me Happy Photography Facebook page.
  • Last - (What is this too much?? - suck it up - It may be "costing" you time but that's it and totally worth it) After you have liked the Color Me Happy Photography FB - leave a comment on that page that says - "Amy sent me"

P.S. There has to be at least 10 entries - so send my blog link to your friends. Do it!!!!- I think I have seven so far...maybe 6......almost there!!

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