Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Deep Thoughts

Okay well not so much "Deep Thoughts" as "Random Ramblings" but Deep Thoughts was a catchier title. Is that how you spell "catchier" that doesn't even look right...and now that I have said it like five times in my that even a word?? My mind is playing tricks on me...

Soooo I kinda can't believe that I didn't write about this the moment that I did it but I totally played kickball with the neighborhood kids in our cul-de-sac. Yep, I did. I'm so cool. And it was so fun. My hubby played with us too. We had the kick ball, the bases...I don't recommend playing in flip flops though. I'm positive that if I had my cool kicks on and Jacob had shoes on, that we would not have been beaten so badly. Positive. It's official - we are the "cool" parents on the block. Finally. ; )

Do you watch the Voice? I watch the Voice. I love the Voice. Really, I do. Love it. But it also makes me sad. It's the damn back stories - and being introduced to these performers families. Tear. Makes me sad when they don't get to move on. There is enough recording contracts out there for everybody. Why can't everybody win...Why oh why?? And then, as they get farther along in the competition I began to feel sad for the judges. (mainly Blake Shelton) They get so attached and then they have to start picking and choosing and that's not fair...Tear. Jackson was home sick one day and started watching it. Early in the comp., battle rounds I believe, and he came down crying hysterically. He could not handle that one guy beat another guy. He could not handle that someone had to lose. And he also could not handle how humble the loser of the competition was. I think that made it worse for Jackson. Jackson couldn't watch it any farther. Jackson is 9 years old. I love the Voice. Really, I do.

I WORK OUT!! - That was me singing. But I do work out. I don't run as much as I did before. I have come to realize that I want to be a runner. But I don't think it's possible. Not because I can't do it. I actually think I would be an amazing runner. (Toot Toot) But I don't want to be a treadmill runner. And a treadmill runner is my only option. And I can't really get into it on a treadmill. It's not the same as running down a hill or with a cool breeze blowing against your sweaty body...Nope not the same. But I WORK OUT!!! I do classes and OH MY BLT (Butt, Legs, Tummy) class last week just about killed me. We went outside and did this long stretch of "lunging forward and lifting our back legs straight in the air while we leaned over with a weight" thingy...we did a few sets of these...I have not been that sore...EVER. My walk for the next several days wasn't pretty. Can I just say is a great feeling getting a work out done in the morning. I love that by 10 a.m.  I am already drenched in sweat. My legs feel like jello. My abs are burning a bit. My hair is a mess and wet. My face is red. Red looks good on me. It's nice to feel so accomplished by lunch time. It always increases the chances of me finishing a load of laundry all the way through. (wash, dry, fold, put away)

Several years ago I went on a girls weekend. It was the first and only time I have ever done that. I wish I could remember where we went. It was a small town in Texas. I went with my friend Allison, Kristi and Allison's sister Meredith. We stayed in these little log cabins. We got massages. We went shopping in town at these little boutiques. I got my most favorite pair of earrings there. Well, they are my favorite pair because they have memories attached to them but whatever...I love them. We went to eat at new restaurants in town. I still remember the taco salad I had at some small Mexican restaurant. Best Taco Salad I have had to date. I loved that weekend get away. I want to do that again.  I can only think of 4 people that would do this with me...But 4 is all a girl needs for a girls weekend. I'll drive!!! I want to get a new favorite pair of earrings.

Other things I want:

I read this girls blog. She is an amazing writer...and mother. Her little girl was born with Down Syndrome - nothing they expected. The way she writes about that experience will have you crying your little heart out. I have fallen in love with her little girl, Nella. I don't even know her and the feelings I feel when I see pictures of her makes my heart want to burst. When I look at her, all I see is a happy little girl. A beautiful, happy, full of life, little girl.   

Ummm...freaking cute right?!?! I love these. I want all of them!! But I will take these three and be happy. : ) another baseball game to get ready for....thanks fatness on my body for not allowing a single pair of shorts to fit me...and thanks pasty white skin for making me feel uncomfortable in anything without sleeves. I love Summer!! I think I'm going to skip around the rest of the day because I love summer and the required clothing that comes with it!

With Love,



  1. Every time I think about working out I sing "I work out" in my head... that annoying crazy weird song by LMFAO... yep, thats how I said it in my head when I read about you working out as well... I wish I had your motivation for working out! You rock!

    1. Bailee I was singing it when I typed it.... So are brains are in sync!! I Work Out!!