Friday, September 7, 2012

Twilight Zone

It's Friday night and well I have been busy all day. And by busy I seriously pinning the crap out of stuff on Pinterest. What? Life is short. Gotta prioritize.

It's a little odd for me to be blogging on a Friday night. But...I figured I have two sick boys at home, and by home I mean at blockbuster with their dad, so why not. Remember, life is short. And I rarely have quiet.

I don't have much to blog about. I had a crazy, busy day yesterday and by crazy, busy I actually mean crazy, busy. Landon had to get chest x-rays done as a precautionary. I have been giving him breathing treatments for, at least, the last two weeks. So the doctor wanted to be sure he didn't have an infection in his lungs.  I knew it was his allergies. It's always his allergies. And we are on our 3rd ear infection in 6 weeks. X-Ray came up normal. Jackson waited for at least an hour and a half for me at the nurses office. We were all sure he has strep. He always has strep. So went to the doctor, no strep. Just a viral infection. Nothing we can do about that. Took my Grandma to the doctor. Her kidneys are not functioning properly. (due to diabetes) And she doesn't want to really do anything about it. (At 78, who could blame her) But man...I do not want to get old. Wait...I do not want my health to deteriorate. Getting old is out of my control. My health, for the most part, I can do something about.

Husband called. Wasted trip to BB. Jackson wants nothing there. Lame.

This means they will be home shortly. I'm hoping the guilt of me sitting here at the computer doesn't sink in until a good 30 minutes after they are home.

I am learning that sometimes it's just better to keep my mouth shut. Sometimes, peace is better than getting all crazy like and shouting out my opinions from the roof top. Actually...all the time and every time Peace trumps Opinions. Remember this Amy.

You know how every household has that "sock monster" ?? Missing socks galore before, during and after laundry is complete. (if in fact there is an actual time that laundry is complete) I have a different household monster. Mine likes towels. Bath towels specifically. It ate half of what I owned. Thanks idiot Bath Towel Monster. You suck.

Oh My Gosh...I just got a picture of my niece Abby in her first ever soccer uniform. May be the cutest thing I ever did see. Love it! (I feel old now - reminds me of when my younger sister started playing - Ewww)


Baseball is about to start for Jackson. . Baseball is about to consume 4 nights out of my 7 day week. FOUR. And it's not even select baseball.  Popped Collar, maybe takes it a little too seriously, old balls. 

That's okay because I will just gorge myself with these during each practice, batting practice or games.

These were da BOMB!!!

Hey hey...I am thinking that my little monkey is just about potty trained. We are purchasing the big boy undies this weekend people and he is going to rock the crap out of those undies. Hopefully literally. Crap out of undies...

So I am making this. I need all the backpacks to have a home up in this place. But... I don't have a clue how to do a Chevron pattern...or how to do it without it looking like my 2 year old painted it. I asked Crystal and she was no help. Her response was, "Oh's hard......" Thank you Crystal. And that's what she said.

My husband just walked into this house (after going to the garage) with a paint tray and brush. Am I in the Twilight Zone? I feel confused. I mean I know he has some painting to finish but I didn't tell him to do that right now. Seriously, what in the hell is happening? Obviously I'm entering delirium now. This may be my cue to wrap it up. Besides, my guilt may have taken over. Who can blame me... Look at that face...oh  Squinky Ninja, I adore you. Landon's pretty darn cute too.

Have a good weekend Peeps!!

And remember.....

Peace trumps Opinions


  1. Hahahaha It is hard I wasted like um 5 not one.. not 2 but 5 cork boards.. then Allen had to watch a youtube video on it.. and got out the tape measure and the ruler.. don't look to close at my office cabinets bc you can still see the pencil.. It is hard.. and I wish thats what she said. meaning my ass... but its not the case.. its like wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle and she says "yeah" wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle (now re read and sing in the tone of Im sexy and I know it..) No bull-crap.. (<---- working on being a lady..) Peace Love & Hair Grease.. <3 Me

  2. chevron is ugly anyway fuhget about it

  3. Well you see... to get a correct chevron pattern you need to first make a diagonal line that is 47.3 degrees off of horizontal...
    Just kidding... I have no clue. I'm delirious. Creeping on your page Amy and decided to be a smart ass. But really...if u figure out how to make it...I'll take one too. ;)

  4. I found a link for you!