Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Believe in Mood Changers...

So lets start this day out right...or OVER

I Believe confidence and  humility are the two best things I can instill in my children. 

I  also Believe they are two of the most difficult things to instill in my children.

I Believe in having a relationship with God. 

I Believe if you first have Respect  in a Marriage, Love will always Follow. 

I Believe that there is nothing better than getting to hold the water hose on the trampoline.

 I Believe is green bean casserole and Pumpkin bread year round.

I Believe quality wins over quantity every time.

I Believe there are two sides to EVERY story. 

I Believe Paul Rudd and I were meant to be together in another life.

I Believe that killing them with kindness is always the way to go.

I Believe happy thoughts equals happy life. One day at a time.

I Believe in apologizing when you are wrong.

I Believe in keeping an open mind.

I Believe sisters are best friends for life.

I Believe Pomegranate Fro Yo with Cap N' Crunch Berries on top is Da Bomb.

I Believe in forgiving but forgetting is nearly impossible.

I Believe in Starbucks nonfat Carmel Macchiato. Just not every morning. Total bummer.

I Believe that when someone takes the time to read my blog and then takes even more time to leave me a comment I kinda, sorta get really giddy. 

I Believe there ain't no shame in that.

I Believe that crying is the only way to START healing when your heart is in pain.

I Believe we are meant to have a puzzle of friends. Each one is a different piece, with a different purpose and each one makes me feel more complete. 

Laura and Allison..I seriously have no group pics with you in them. WTH..

I Believe the best alone time is a long car ride with nowhere to go. 

I Believe in Fall. Any excuse to drink something hot and wear warm boots.

I Believe that you can absolutely marry your best friend and fall more in love every day. TRUTH.

I Believe Halloween rocks my socks off. 

I Believe Thanksgiving is the best holiday because it's focused around FAMILY. 

I Believe in the power of Prayer and Pinterest.

I Believe cousins make the best second siblings ever. For life yo...

 I Believe in music that makes you sing at the top of your lungs.

I Believe in working out. It is the best therapy you can get. 

 I Believe our children are our future. Teach them well.

I Believe that was just an excuse to put this adorable picture of my kids on here.

I Believe it's my blog and I don't need an excuse.

I Believe Honesty is not always the best policy. 

I Believe in my hair dresser. She makes my hair look hawt and my face hurt from laughing so damn hard.

 I Believe in long, passionate kisses.

I Believe big egos make small humans.

I Believe in making mistakes.

I Believe in trying everything at least once.

I believe all five sense are never so more cognizant than at the ocean. 

I believe in Big Bear Hugs. By this guy. 

I Believe that Faith gets you through anything. 

I Believe in standing up for yourself. Always. 

I Believe the courage to do that doesn't come easy. 

I Believe if you burn a bridge or two or three, I will politely wave at you from the other side. 

Because I Believe it's your mother lovin' loss.


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  1. Amy I love this :) I wanna believe to. <3

    1. Crystal...I Love You. And I want you to believe.

  2. I believe that I am that puzzle piece that you see in the box that is crazy shaped and not like the others in the pile. I'm glad to be part of your friendship puzzle, just don't try to smash me in place ;)

    I also believe that I want some green bean casserole right about now...

  3. What a fun list. I believe the children are our future, too. Marry your best friend and fall more deeply in love as the years go on. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I loved reading this! I believe God placed you in my life all those many years ago before you and I were married with kids for a reason. I was there to pick you up when you fell down and you have been there for me to pick me up when I have fallen. And I believe you and I could be sister wives with Paul Rudd and still not fight over him. Maybe. :) Love you!

    1. I have always believed God placed you in my life for many reasons. You are such a good friend. Ummm but not sure if we are good enough friends to share Paul. I am going to have to mull this over. Forever. Love you Alli!!

  5. What a great list! I believe sisters are your best friends as well.. couldn't live without mine!! I just posted my list.. check it out if you get some time today :)


    1. Hi Rachael! Thanks for reading!! I will definitely go over and check yours out!

  6. Replies
    1. Dude...I love my Starbucks drink. It is the only "coffee" I will drink. At all.

  7. I love the idea of instilling both confidence AND humility into our children. It's such an interesting idea and I love the way they seem to go against each other but really don't at all. Also, my best friend's name is Amy Marie! Just found your blog and have really enjoyed getting to know you- I'm excited to follow along!

    new follower :)

    1. Hi Bonnie!
      Thanks for reading a leaving a comment! I think in regards to confidence and humility there is a certain balance that we have to learn to manage. Hard thing to do but if we can, it makes our kids pretty well rounded. I love that your besties name is Amy Marie too!! And love love love new followers. I'm going to be sure to go over and check out your blog today too!!