Friday, September 28, 2012

Come, come! On the kick drum! Come, come!

"Yearbook Chalkboard"
In my opinion, the measure of success regarding a Pinterest Party is not how well your projects turned out but more so how bad your face hurts at the end of the night from laughing so hard. In that case, the party was a success.  And also, Thank God.

And then I read the paragraph above and realized...I'm old. Not cool. 

So there was lots of conversation, lots of laughing, lots of curious question asking, some moderate drinking and more food than Thanksgiving day. Oh...and the projects turned out pretty awesome too. Well....some of them did....some of them were...uhhh.....not so good. But that's okay, you live you learn. You say screw it!! 

So since there was so much food, I may post that on another day. Too much information at once can hurt your brain. But just to give you an idea, the hostess pretty much made Easter brunch for us.

I apologize in advance for the quality of some of these pics. They are literally pictures I took from my phone of Instagram pics. Also, I may feel the need to give out some awards to some of these projects. We shall see if anything inspires me.

This is my sister and her husband. It has absolutely nothing to do with the party. Other than she was there. I didn't get a picture of her craft and this picture is hilarious. They did get the idea for their "facial" off Pinterest. Not sure how it turned out but did I mention this pic is hilarious? Because it is. Hilarious. I would give Lisa the Award for "Longest Overdue" Project. She gets it.

P.S. Erin used glass bond but she said it sucks cause her $%&* fell off.
 So this is Erin B. The "B" stands for Bad AZZZZZ. And I know I mentioned our faces hurting from laughing so hard. This would be her fault.

She made a drinking glass out of a Mason jar. Then she made it super pretty. Then she drank beer out of it. Just one though. At a time. You can see how she made it here.

  Oh Crystal. When I said moderate drinking, I may have fibbed a tad. That's not just coke in that Sonic cup. We all loved Crystals wreath. (Did I mention we are all wreath hookstars - because we are) She, however, didn't like it. She threw it in the trash on the way out. You can see how to make Crystal's wreath here.

And then my friends turned into raccoons. Craft Raccoons rummaging through the trash. I'm not joking. This really happened. See exhibit A.

Exhibit A
Crystals discarded wreath.

This is Erin with a "P". She is looking very thuggish here...and can't be trusted with a glue gun. She attempted to make a Pebble mat. Attempted. What you can't see from this picture is that all of those rocks are falling off of the mat. After Erin with a "P" spent a good amount of time gluing them on. This didn't work out so well. If you attempt it, don't use hot glue. It requires contact adhesive. If you want to know how to make the Pebble Mat go here.

Erin wins the "Are we actually suppose to click on the link and read the directions on how to make it?" Award

This is my friend Stephanie. She is notorious for bringing laundry baskets full of crafts to do to these parties and then not really finishing any one thing. Mostly because Stephanie is just happy to get out of the house. Stephanie has 4 children. Stephanie is very happy here. And Stephanie made delicious shots for us. You can go here to see how she made the wreath.

Did I happen to mention we are wreath hookstars??

Laura made this super cute Halloween wreath for herself!! This is a big deal because Laura just started up a little crafting business called Doors Adorned, making all sorts of wreaths. REALLY CUTE ONES!!  And she has lots of wreath makin' to do! If you want to see how to make this wreath you can go here.

Side note: These wreaths can be really expensive on Etsy.

Here is some of the wreaths she has already made.

Aren't they adorbs!! If you like anything you see or want something specific you can contact Laura at

Lisa Marie made this cute little framed magnet board. I love it. I want to make one for myself but I don't have anywhere in my bathroom to hang it. It would have to be like a big picture frame on the counter and the point is to make space on the counter, right??? Anyways...I love gray and yellow together too!! Supa cute! Here is how to make it.

Lisa Marie gets "Hostess with the Mostest" Award. But seriously, she made ham.

 This is the best picture I could get of Alli's wreath. She was still cutting out orange felt circles when everyone else was finished. She had some really cute spiders to put on the wreath when she is done with it. Wreath took forever yo! Go here to see how to make her wreath.

Alli gets the "Shock me, shock me, shock me with that deviant behavior" Award. She dropped the f bomb. It was shocking. Alli doesn't drop f bombs. Alli makes Halloween wreaths with orange felt.

There were a few other people there that I didn't get  pics of their projects. Crystal Barnhill had her stuff put away within 10 minutes of taking it out. I believe when she saw the 547, 391 holes that she was going to have to pull fabric through and tie she dropped an F* Bomb too. Girl cray cray! Natasha's had hers put away before I could get to it and you can see Leah in the background of the pic with Alli. I really wanted to see a picture of hers finished because it was for Christmas and it looked really cute so far.

And here is mine!! I loved it way more than I thought I would. Well the burlap banner thing. I have made a silhouette of Ella before but this one is for her room.  The burlap banner was really easy to make. Can't wait to get it hung up!! You can see how I made it here.



  1. I love this post!! I want to bring Erin with a B with me everywhere I go so that my abs can get nice and hard (he he, I said hard) from laughing so much. and um, you clearly haven't been around me much lately or have a bad memory because I drop F bombs a ton the minute I'm away from my kids!I was just being polite in front of you all I guess if I only dropped 1 bomb. But then again, I didn't have time for chatter...I had circles to effing cut out!! It was a blast and I can't wait for the next one!! Oh, you forgot to talk about the horrendous smell that came out of the trash can everytime Jacob opened it. yeow!!

    1. Alli...I considered talking about this smell but I didn't want Lisa Marie to get upset because I mentioned that her trash smelt of dead animal and vomit at the same time. Dry heaving just thinking about it.

  2. So I see my "project"/craft as "ambitious" Amy!;p And I might be stealing the "longest overdue craft" award from Lisa in the near future as my "rug" is still in it's pretty little yellow bag still sitting in my bedroom taunting me! So in the year 2067 I will post my beautiful white rug and then will wash it and it will proceed to fall apart....then I will cry...a lot

    1. Hahaha! Love it! That's hilarious...And OMG. If you put all that time in it and then for it to fall aren't going to finish it are you?

  3. Look at all you crafty hookers...

  4. Not to toot my own horn but if any of you are looking for a wreath model in your near future...I think I have found my calling!! Bahahahahahaha!! No but seriously!! Lol!! Oh except when I'm tearing one apart...yuck!!! Haha thanks to all for another memorable evening!! I will sign off with...Come, come on the kick drum!! Gary!!