Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Heart Math Nerds

Jackson and Ella are doing homework. Landon is watching Dora. I believe I have found myself a minute or two to write. Score!!

My sister-in-law just informed me that, in regards to grocery shopping, Targets prices are cheaper than Wal Marts. And if not cheaper, they are at least the same. And if not the same, then at least the difference isn't that significant at all. Are you serious right now? I have been shopping at Wal-Mart because I thought it was cheaper. This is huge. If this is true, I may never have to shop at a Wal-Mart again. Ever. And that would be a glorious thing people. I hate that place. With a passion. But, I am willing to sacrifice if it means my grocery bill every week is as cheap as it can be. (without being crazy coupon lady) My week keeps getting better.

Until......(dun...dun...duuuuuuun) Jackson brings home math homework. Which is every week. I hate math. Worse..I hate that I can't remember how to do 5th grade math. I usually have to Google it to remind myself. Of course, then the horror of it all comes rushing back to my brain and I can solve the problem with no issues. The matter of contention is no longer how to solve the problem but how to explain to my 5th grader how I solved it. "Just Google it" isn't going to help him learn a single thing. Thank God for my Nerd of a Husband. Times like these I get why he was put into my life. No joke. God knew what he was doing. Otherwise, my kids would be in trouble. Who am I kidding? We would ALL be in serious trouble. I heart math Nerds.

And this little man has a little bit of  "nerd" in him as well. Obviously, he gets that from his dad. 

But we are still in undies. Very little accidents. Moving forward. Most importantly, NO MORE DIAPERS!!!

So in three days I have a Pinterest Party. And what that means to anyone who has been hiding under a rock is that I have a crafty party with girlfriends and food and drinks. And although I am super duper excited about making my crafts, I am just as excited about eating. I get one cheat meal and I am going all out. It's not going to be pretty. Luckily, I am amongst friends. If they judge me, it will be subtle and in their own heads. I'm okay with that. 

But this is what I plan to contribute to the party. Or hoard all for myself. I haven't decided yet. 

 Caramel Apple Snickers Pie - I could eat this entire thing. I am considering making two of these. One for me and one for everyone else. You can find the recipe here.

And I know this looks disgusting but if you read the ingredients than you wouldn't think so. Actually, it looks really fattening. Which just means it is really good. Right?

If you're interested, you can find this recipe here.

 Awww...and then there is this. Doesn't it just look refreshing? It calls out with such conviction to me, "Try me... I'm perfect for a crafty, low-key, relaxing get together." Clearly I need to answer this call. If you want to try it out then you can find the recipe here. Easy Peasy.

I plan on blogging about all three of these that after the party to let you know what I think.

Oh yeah, and then there is my crafts that I am doing. I am not going to add pictures for those. I'm smarter than that. You see I could add the Pinspiration that I got my ideas from but then you would just have something to compare my finished products to. That isn't always good. At least not for me. So I will just wait until I complete them and post the pictures up then.

Have I mentioned how much I just LOVE baseball. Because I don't. We have baseball for the next 8 nights in a row. One night off and then the cycle continues. Yay!!! know what?? Jackson did really well in his game last night. Like better than I expected. (I know I'm horrible) It's just that baseball makes me nervous. But Jackson left that game last night feeling really good about himself. And that, my friends, is a good feeling. Especially for Momma. I did exactly what I try to teach  my kids NOT to do. I judged, like heavily judged, a book by it's cover. And I think I may be wrong about this 'Book'. I hope I am. And sorry for judging you really weird, really likes all the attention, really questionable motives 'Book'. Truly, I am.

*(Tooting my own Horn ALERT)
Hey guess's Wednesday and I have already run 10.5 miles this week. Daaaaaang....I'm awesome.

Also, I have walked in on two different women using the restroom this week. Not as awesome. But for real, use the lock. That's what it is there for. I'm pretty sure I was way more embarrassed than they were.

My daughter, Ella, loves playing with her cousin, Caleb. They are 10 days apart in age and are inseparable most of the time. This is largely due to Caleb's patience. I do not know another child that has the patience of my nephew. He is a Saint. He is the sweetest boy and they are the best of friends. Realistically it won't be this way too much longer. I get that.... but for now I am savoring the moments they are together. My bestest friends growing up were my cousins and they lived thousands of miles away. But they are all girls and it worked out for my sister and I. We played a lot of house when we were together. Had crackers with peanut butter and chocolate chips on them. Swam in my Grandpa's backyard. Learned the lyrics to 'Leaving on a Jet Plane' together. We had to have played that song over and over and over again. Literally...a gazillion times. We have made so many memories together and I have loved every single one of them. I hope my kids do the same with their cousins.

Best Friends

I started this post at 3 ish. It is now 5:40 and I have to go be a Mom. Cook dinner or something like that.

Later Alligator,

Amy Marie


  1. I call BS on Target being cheaper. I want proof...and not to mention if something is cheaper somewhere else Walmart will match the price. Does Target do this? Nope!

  2. I agree with Lisa Dee! Of the items I buy regularly, they seem higher at Target. But next time I'm totally writing down the price and comparing!

    And with with you on being thankful I married a man that is a WAY better teacher than I am. I know it, but I can't get it out in an easy to understand way.

    Those recipes look yuuuuuumy. I can't wait to gorge myself too!

  3. The caramel apple snickers pie looks so good! It reminds me of an apple and snickers "Fruit salad" I've had the privilege to enjoy a few times!

    And I never shop at Wal-mart, or Target for that matter. Where we live, there's quite a few stores that are cheaper, so I tend to stick to those!

    1. Hi Rachel!! The pie was delicious!! Like I may get fat off of it good.

      And I tried Target, still not seeing the cheaper prices so I guess I am stuck with the horror of shopping at Wal-Mart for now. I wish we had more cheap option but we just don't. You are lucky!!