Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shut up already, it's Rude..

The best thing about having a blog is it's a place to vent. Whatever you want, whenever you want. The worst thing about having a blog is it's a place to vent. Whatever you want, Whenever you want.  I so badly want to vent ugly thoughts. Actually, none of you would think they are ugly thoughts. I'm guessing a lot of you could relate to my mean thoughts. I can just see the comments now..."Oh yeah, I have one of those in my life. Isn't it awful." or "Oh My Gosh, Amy, you are so hilarious (duh) and you just read my mind. I feel the same way you do about my *&^%$" You know something along those lines. I'm just sure of it. Today my ugly thoughts make me giggle...Well half of them do. The other half I just roll my eyes at. Ugh...this entire paragraph is pointless..It's like speaking in code. I hate code speakers. Shut up already, it's rude. I'm going to get text messages now....."What did he/she do now?" To my peeps: Remember, today I'm giggling. Sometimes karma has a way of working itself out. .... Bottom line, nothing is wrong. I'm still singing and skipping to Taylor Swift over here.

My mom should be calling me anytime now.

So today I got a coffee. Pierce, who took my money at the drive through window made conversation with me. Side Note: Did you know another word for 'conversation' is 'intercourse'. Really. Look it up. Today Pierce and I had a friendly 'intercourse'. Awkward. So.....yeah....The hot beverage wasn't quite ready yet so he did what any good employee would do, he made conversation. Pierce got skillzzzz. Also, Pierce had these magical green eyes and so, I felt compelled to talk back. This is how the conversation went down:

Pierce - "Your drink is almost ready. The countdown has begun. I'm just not sure what number the countdown started with."
Me - "That's okay, at least it's going down."
Pierce - "True, well except for the shots. Those stay at the top. Did you know that is what macchiatto meant?"
Me - "Actually,  yes I did. I Googled it." (Dork)
Pierce - .....................................................
Pierce - "Really? Are you one of those people that Googles everything before you try it or do it?"
Me - (insulted) "Pfffft...No. I just googled it okay. My friend had one and I was curious what it meant. So I googled it."

I felt a strong need to make sure this young man didn't think I was an old woman. I have no idea why. Maybe it was the green eyes. But seriously, I don't Google stuff before I do it. Who does that? Old,  boring people right? People that are afraid to try something new. (I apologize in advance if you are a Google before doing person) Like you can't Google statistics of sky diving accidents or shark attacks or Mexico Pirate abductions. Can you? Is this what happens the older you get? The more kids you have. The more you have to lose. You do things that aren't as fun or as adventurous. I couldn't tell you the last thing I did that was considered adventurous. Maybe I need to live on the edge a bit more. Come up with a master plan.  Maybe I should jump out of an airplane over the ocean in Mexico just to prove to Pierce I'm still fun and not an obsessive Googler. Maybe but Probably not.

Life's adventures just change. Having kids is an adventure in itself. And you miss out on all the fun stuff if you aren't playing close attention. Marriage is an adventure. The best kind. The kind where you learn more about yourself as a person than any other adventure you could be apart of. You learn what you are capable of and not. You learn your weaknesses and your strengths. You learn to be less about you and more about them. You learn to love someone more than you love yourself. Friendship is a huge undertaking. I get lost in that one sometimes. I don't know what to tell my daughter when she tells me girls are mean to her at school. I would like to tell her it gets better in time but I'm positive that it doesn't. Unless you have the right kind of relationships, the kind that teach you what a good friendship is. The kind that you want to aspire to be like. The kind that makes you want to be the best version of yourself. You have that and you have won gold.

P.S. I got skillzzzz too.....

In Mexico, over shark infested waters. ;-) 

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