Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finish the Sentence...

Linking up with Holly and Jake for Finish the Sentence.

Finish the Sentence

1. If calories didn't count, I would eat... all the Mexican Food in sight. This mostly includes any and all Margaritas. Who doesn't like to drink their meals???
2. On my Prom night.... I wore pants first of all...and my belly was exposed...and instead of hairspray I sprayed my already hardened hair with spray deodorant. I kinda looked like I had a serious case of dandruff. My date and I lost all our money that was given to us by our parents in a bounce house. (We were so cool) and he then decided to end our good fortune of a night with a punch to his windshield. (We were also really smart) The End.
3. When I go to the store, I always buy... I actually don't get to go to the grocery store because my husband doesn't trust me to stick to the list but that's because when I do go to the grocery story I buy whatever I can that he "forgot" to put on the list. So...yeah, I get it.
4. Family functions typically... are chaotic. There is never enough alcohol.
5. I think my blog readers... are literally my 10 friends. Like, no joke, I'm going to hang out with them all this weekend.
6. I'd much rather be..... in a pool somewhere in the Bahamas. (Not an ocean - please see previous post regarding "man eaters") Sipping on whatever the hell drink I want because calories don't count.
7. I have an obsession with.... spicy hummus, make-up, work-out attire and Sons of Anarchy...Maybe in that order.
8. My work friends.... do not exist. I'm a horrible person and my work friends have told me they cannot stand to be around me. One person mentioned that I smelled of pizza that has come back up and another person said my hair lip is so bad that it's hard to have a conversation with me without staring right at it. Okay, but really I am a stay at home mom. My work friends really do not exist.
9. When I created my Facebook account.... I did it in absolute secrecy.
10. My least favorite word is... canal, fart, cream...hahaha....Canal Fart Cream...sorry...immature is another least favorite of mine.
11. I really don't remember.... what I ever saw in my ex husband. Seriously. He showed me his abs the first night we met and made fun of my shoes. Winner, winner chicken dinner Amy!!! Good one!
12. Justin Bieber.... should have been added to #10


  1. I am a blog reader and I will not be seeing you this weekend!.... unless you are making an appearance in Oklahoma :)

  2. bring on the Mexican!! thanks for linking with us!

  3. That was your prom? You need a redo! Not possible, I know, but seriously, no bueno. I love you because of #12 and POS made fun of your shoes when you first met him? Lame.