Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Freaking Man Eaters...

It's been so long. Too long, right? Have you missed me? 

Don't answer that.

I'm bored and had nothing of value to write about today. Well except a bucket list. And who doesn't like to read other people's bucket lists!! Okay..well if that doesn't sound appealing than maybe just coming up with your own sounds fun. Yes?


Top Ten Tuesday 

 "Things I Want To Do Before I Die" or also known as, Top 10 Things On Your Bucket List.

Stewart Street
  1.  Visit New York City at Christmas Time. (Okay so if you happen to follow the link your going to see that the blogger that posted this actually had this as one of her items, actually her number 1 - these are not in order of favorites btw) But in all fairness, I so badly want to go to NYC during the Winter, specifically Christmas Time. I swear I do. Ask the Hubs. I have said it time and time again. I have been to New York twice and it's a fascinating city. It literally feels like you have been thrown right in the middle of a movie. But I want Christmas Time and I want the lights and the ice skaters. I want all of it.
  2. Shark Cage Diving - Okay, so until yesterday this seemed way more doable and exciting. Then I happen to see a video on yahoo about a man who was diving with the Great Whites in South Africa (first mistake - that place is swarming with the "man eaters") And now it seems less exciting and more life threatening. Still. What an adrenaline rush. 
  3. Run a Full Marathon - This seems absolutely insane to me. Insane and stupid and not fun. I can't even get to 6 yet. But, to be able to say I did this, would be worth all the damn pain. Maybe. 
  4. Take my Family to a Foreign Country -  I want to be able to give them (my kids) an experience that they will never forget. That will be a first for all of us. That will make memories for years to come.
  5. Feel Confident in Myself - I don't think I have to be a certain size or look good in a bikini (Umm but that would be nice) I just want to be able to feel like I am taking care of myself the best way that I can and feel good about the person that I am.  This includes the kind of friend, mother and wife I am. Always a work in progress I suppose. 
  6. Instruct a Fitness Class - I think Body Combat might be my favorite. Or any kind of Turbo Kick. I would love to make that a job of mine some day. And I'm not getting younger. 
  7. Come up with a potion to become younger - Okay I'm kidding...sort of...Okay, No I'm not. 
  8. Travel to a New City - Jacob and I have talked about this off and on. But once a year, maybe twice, I think it would be fun to discover a new place together. Short and sweet.
  9. Watch my Kids Grow Up - But not just grow up. To feel good with their choices. To be humble. To be kind to everyone. To be sympathetic. To be gracious. I would love for my kids to go to college. I would love for my kids to get married and have babes and live "the dream"...but if it's not ever something they want for themselves than at the very least I want to be able to see them become good people. I want them to be happy.
  10. Buy a House with a Pool -  Can we move yet? I hate this house. Although I'm doing my best to learn to appreciate and love what we have but.....can we move yet?

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  1. Great list! You are insane on the shark cage thingy. Nooooo thank you. I'll be in your clinical trial for the fountain of youth potion. I'm right there with ya on the house...ugh freaking ugh.