Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Taggin' Tuesday: Fitness Survey

Today I am being completely lazy.

Thankfully my friend, Crystal Michelle over at www.crystalmichellesmess.com came to my rescue. I'm taggin' up with her so I don't have to put much thought into today's post. Please forgive me.

Body Pump was a good one this morning. My legs are still shaking. And this survey is right up my alley.

Taggin' Tuesday: Fitness Survey

1. Five fitness items I can’t live without:
  • My "fun" workout tanks. They make it more fun to get dressed and go work out.
  • Polar FT4 Fitness Heart Rate Monitor and Calorie Counter (Feel naked without it)
  • My Iphone with my 'Workin It' Playlist. I will not run if I don't have it on me. Music moves me.
  • My earbuds to listen to said music
  • My sports bras from Target rock my world. I love them and all the amazing colors they come in.
2. Favorite pre-workout snack/meal:
 If it's a morning work out then I have egg whites and/or half a whole grain sandwich round with all natural peanut butter. If it's an afternoon/evening work out then all I really need is my Spark!!

3. On my fitness bucket list:

  • I want to inspire someone to the point that they want me to help them get where they want to be because I got where I wanted to be and kept at it.
  • Add weights to the bicep track in Body Pump. Those damn bottom halves are going to kill me.
  • I want to get up to 7 miles and be able to do it at least two times a week.
  • Run a 10k
  • Run a half marathon and earn my 13.1 sticker
  • Look good naked
  • Become more educated in Nutrition
  • To get through one damn work out without having to pull up my pants!! Just one!!
4. Must-have tech tools:
My Phone for my music and my HRM watch and chest strap

5. Top exercise gear:
Even though I want new shoes, I have to admit mine have pretty much got me through all my work outs. I can run in them, spin in them, do body pump and lunges and jumps and combat. All of it. They never slip, they never hurt, they never cause blisters. They just aren't colorful enough for me!! 
I have lots of different sports bras now. My Nike one and the racer backs from Target are my faves. 
I love, love, love my UnderArmour pants. They never show sweat and I can move in them easily. I just want more of them.

6. Motivational mantra:
Every day is a choice. And in each day are smaller but still important choices. One bad choice doesn't have to dictate your entire day/month/year. You screwed up, you move on. You make better choices. You chose to be healthy, whatever that is for you. But you do it for you.

 7. Next big exercise goal:

I want to be able to add more weights in Body Pump. I want my upper body to be stronger. And I want to run a 10k easily. 

8. Favorite cardio exercise:
Body Attack - No Question

9. Favorite strength move:
Is Plyo a strength move?? Haha..I love Plyo - like a kid I love it. Until I have to follow it up with high knees, then I hate it. I also love the shoulder and back track in Pump. I can feel it right away. And it burns ohhh...so good!

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  1. So a Sandwich round..... what is that.. are you cutting your bread in a circle :) and yes I am serious.... dont judge me

  2. Crystal Michelle...Haha! Did I answer your question about this already? Didn't I send you a picture of it? No judging.