Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hiatus Over.

So if it hasn't been completely obvious I have been on a writing hiatus. For no particular reason at all. I'm not going on strike or taking an intentional break - so please, for the love of all that is Holy, don't panic!! Honestly, I just wanted to be able to apply and include the word 'hiatus' in one of my blog posts - this felt like the best way to do that. ;-)

Oddly enough I have had plenty going on in the last month to write about. I can't even recall how many times I thought to myself, "I have to blog about this." or "That was the best weekend ever, I must do a recap with full on pictures.". And each time, I didn't. Each time I let the moment pass me by and then the motivation was gone.

Ironically, now that I am sitting here, I have nothing of importance to talk about. Which could only mean one thing:

Random Thoughts - By Yours Truly

If you have never done a Color Run - you have to do it at least once in your life. But you have to do it exactly the way I did, or it will definitely not be as fun. Here are your instructions: First and foremost, sign up for the damn run the first day that you can register. Seriously, if you don't, the rest of this won't matter. Secondly, get a hotel room at the Embassy Suites - It must be this hotel. Then, you will need a sitter from 4 pm the day before until roughly 4 p.m. the next day. (If you don't have kids please proceed to next directive) Arrive at said hotel by 5:30 so you can enjoy a complimentary happy hour for two hours with your friends. Directly after the Happy Happy Hour, head on over to Razoo's and enjoy the chicken fingers and bowl of liquor with straws that are as long as your arms. (don't spit out the liquid from the bowl onto your brother in law across the table - he will NOT LIKE this - you are welcome for this tip), then pile the whole gang of like 23 people into one vehicle. I am not saying this is the safest way to go but definitely the most fun. Attempt to play darts with people that don't care if you suck. Get your rest (I may have forgotten to do this part) and wake up bright and early the next morning for the Color Run. Bring your sister so that while you are in mid sentence she can throw the blue color directly into your mouth. I know this sounds gross but it will make a fabulous addition to the Color Run website. After run, go eat at BWW. Even if your sister in law hates it. She will find something there she likes. Eat your wings and do NOT, wash off your face. Just your hands. Best. Weekend. Ever.

I am completely addicted to Supremely Spicy Hummus and Almond Butter - I will never go back to Peanut butter again. It is that good!!! I feel like I should mention that I don't eat these two things together.

I made the coolest discovery this weekend - My ears are double pierced. Still. Like I haven't put earrings in my second hole since middle school. I feel like a rock star. I wonder if I could still get a ring through my nose? Better not push my luck.

My amazing husband surprised me with a weekend getaway to Austin for our Anniversary. We have never been there together and it was such a perfect weekend. I now have a new favorite steak house and dessert. (Bananas Foster rocks my socks off) We went to the most amazing restaurant the second night to watch the sunset. The Oasis - and it was the most gorgeous view and the weather was perfect and so were the Margs.(Seriously, check this place out) I have never been to 6th street and in my old age I was determined to make it happen. I'm so glad I did. That place is crazy fun. And crazy cheap!! Thanks for the memories love!!

 Also...we may have laid out under the sun for slightly longer than we should have. 

Yesterday, I witnessed a random stranger in his car help a boy who was being bullied make it home safely. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My heart was touched. There are still good people in this world. With all the crazy we have seen lately it's so important to look for the good.

How much longer does this damn Jodi Arias trial have to go? My sister has been sucked into the black hole that is the trial and she isn't coming out to talk until the verdict is read.

I hurt my foot a couple weeks back. I was so afraid to be in the same position my husband is in ( which is PT twice a week for 6 weeks and specific instruction not to do any running or circuit training), that I didn't want to chance it. I took a few days off from running. I didn't realize how much I loved it until I physically couldn't do it. My hubs is miserable right now. I totally get it.

But then...

I got right back at it and ran the longest distance I had to date - 6 miles!!! I am ready..I am ready to sign up for a 10k. Let's do this!!

I can't stand one uppers - like for real. We get it. Shut up. No one upping allowed.

I am so excited about our summer. Specifically the end of July. Where our feet will finally meet the beach again. Nothing better.

I would like to start collecting the following items: running/work out shoes/clothes, earrings, make-up, nail polish and colored jeans. I like choices. However, yellow nail polish is not for me. I have attempted it twice. No go.

I got to enjoy being a non Wal-Mart grocery shopper for like three weeks before my husband came to his senses. Completely bummed about this.

New Favorite Running Songs: Can't Hold Us (Macklemore), Boom (P.O.D.), Hall of Fame (Script)

Before I get new boobs - I want new eyes. Curse all you people who have eye balls that can see!!

I have kids to pick up from school and prescriptions to pick up from the pharmacy.

Have a fab week!!

With Love,

Amy Marie


  1. You rock! You have made me want to run... crazy talk and you have made me want to sign up for the color run!!!!!

    1. You must do the Color Run Bailee!!! So fun!! Thanks for commenting!!

  2. Amy, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. It is an award for blogs with under 200 followers. Here is my post nominating you! Head over to my blog and answer the questions! So get back to blogging girl!

    I can't wait to see your answer to the questions :)

    1. Thank you Bailee! You are so sweet!!

  3. Can I just say... I FOUND YOU and will be stalking you for life.. Lol

    Ok, for real I will try not to be stalk crazy just love that you inspire people and so happy I have got to meet you, not in person but with social media.. How sad is that. Now-a-days you don't meet people for real you just hangout with them on FB and blogs and what not.

    So, I am one of those that was glued to the Arias trial and I can't wait for the second part to come on, like I was obsessed over the trial just like the Casey Anthony trial. I am not sure why, but I was and still am.