Monday, February 6, 2012

~ Zoey the Pup ~

Everyone, I would like for you to meet  Zoey.

She is the sweetest, most timid and cuddly little puppy I have ever known. (it would be safe to say that I haven't known many) Last Wednesday we took the family to the shelter at Petsmart. The Petsmart in Alliance Town Center has an in store shelter in the back corner. They had about 15 or so dogs in there at the time we went. Loud, barking dogs! Except for this little one. She just sat in her cage as quiet as can be. Made not a peep. Honestly, I don't know if we would have adopted her if the kids hadn't been with us. I would like to think I would have and that she was meant to be ours but there is no way of knowing. I do know that we did fall in love with her instantly. Especially my two youngest. Ella loved her and wanted to carry her all over that store. Landon loves her affection and her kisses. Like a lot. Like, Landon may love her too much. But Zoey takes it all in stride. She has adapted well in our little home with our little family. We absolutely adore her.

P.S. If your thinking about getting a new family member for your household you should really consider adopting. It makes you feel all good inside. Oh...and you get to save an animals life. ; )

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