Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Work Out Wednesday with Skinny Meg

I'm linking up with Skinny Meg for Work Out Wednesday. 

 For a little over a month now I have been changing up my workout routine. I use to be strictly cardio with  weights twice a week. You know this from my constant posts regarding my long mile runs. (Hey, they are long for me) I haven't ran in awhile. Not a long distance. I'm wondering If I still could at this point. I'm hoping it's like riding a bike, you just get back on and start where you left off. Why do I have a feeling it won't be like that. Not at all. Anyways, after not really seeing much change in my body, or my clothes or the scale I decided something needed to change. My frustration was at a all time high, I was letting the number on the scale ruin my days emotionally and I wanted to throw eating healthy out the damn window and just eat a cheeseburger. And yes, I have been eating more clean for while now too, so between that and my work outs I thought something would change. Not anything. Six months later, and nothing. 

Now I love being a healthier version of me. I love working out, so stopping that was never really an option for me. I love eating better. Even if it's  hard, it makes me feel better.  And I love the food that I eat. But something had to give. I talked to several different "non-expert" Experts and although a lot of the information was different there were things that were consistent. Lift. More. Weights. More weight, less cardio. And do your cardio after weight lifting. So...that's what I did. 

I now lift five days a week. And I won't sugar coat it, in the beginning it was intimidating. I didn't know what I was doing, I still really don't, but I conquered my fear. I got past the uncomfortable, out of my safe box, and made it happen. I focus on each muscle group twice a week. I also do HIIT training and I find a lot of WOD (work out of the day) online. They are exhausting and I always get a really high calorie burn. I love them! Mostly I love looking forward to doing something different for my body. Change is good. 

Here is what I do for my Arm days. (Twice a week, followed by cardio)

I did these because that is where I see the most change. In my shoulders and my biceps. And although the scale doesn't reflect my hard work, my shorts are a lot bigger on me than they were last summer. Yep, so I threw out the damn scale.  

*I got a lot of this information from - I used it as a starting point and I change it up every week.

*You tube any move you don't know how to do. 


  1. I just started working with a trainer to increase what I eat (I know right, but I kind of didn't do a good job with how I lost weight, so then I got into the hamster wheel of cardio cardio situation) so this is my first week on a 3x per week weightlifting, one cardio and I think on time I do some intervals after my lifting (tomorrow first time). So hoping to see some results in the first 2 weeks, because it IS intimdating and it IS even harder to eat more to teach my body that we ain't starving :)

    1. I know it's hard but if it's not challenging us it's not changing us. Keep it up. Try to get past the 4 week mark. You will gain but then lose. Muscles retain water when you start to lift and they are sore. If you are doing it right you will be sore all the time. Just don't quit.