Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mama has skillz

 I got some sh*%$ done this weekend people. Like for reals. And it feels good!! The rest of my house, I can't keep up with. And laundry. I totally neglected the laundry over the weekend. But...other than that..I got 'er done.

This is.........Awesome. (if you didn't read that while singing Thrift Shop you have failed)

Sam's is smart to sell fridges/freezers. You almost have to purchase an additional one on top of the one that you already have at home so you can fit everything you buy from Sam's in it. Either way, I still love shopping there. It makes me want to go camping.

I want to go camping. So lets, shall we?

Dear Wal-Mart, You seriously suck. Is there any logical reason why you no longer sell red bell peppers anymore? No, in fact, there is not. Also, your deli is a joke. Make up your mind on when you close. And quit employing lazy people to run it.

Dear Kroger, I love you. All of you. The End.

We took the kids to Urban Air Trampoline Park yesterday. (Is that what it's called?) Anyways, super fun. A couple things though. First off, I'm positive out of all the parents there, Jacob and I were the only adults jumping. What is that about? Secondly, I almost peed my pants jumping. True story. I had to chill out on my super, extra high jumping skills or our day of fun was going to end abruptly. Mama has skillz though. Fo shizzle.

Don't you hate when you tell yourself that everything happens for a reason just so you can bare the bad news. Bad meaning it really wasn't the outcome you were hoping for. The thing is, everything does happen for a reason. Everything. You just may not know it anytime soon. Or ever. But just so know....there is a different plan for you than the one you wanted for yourself. Be patient.

I had two cheat meals this weekend. Not days. Meals. And they were both delicious. So was Matt.  My husband is way hotter than Matt, the waiter. And after 6 months, may be able to grow facial hair like him.

My hotter than Matt husband is falling apart. I'm beginning to think he has been lying to me about his age all this time. I know longer think I married younger. I even question his brain and memory function. But he's smart. So, there's that.

Dear Will Power/Self Control - get your crap together. You knew buying that Dark Chocolate Pomegranate was a horrible idea from glorious Sam's and now....Now you have to will yourself to stay away from it. Stay away. Stay away from the deliciousness of it. Oh God, I want some now.

Have a good week and try to be a good person and not steal anything! Kthanksbye!!

With Love,

Amy Marie

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