Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Diary of a Mad White Woman

Not so Deep Thoughts

I'm all over the place on this one. I didn't even bother to spell or grammar check. Good luck.

I know Jacob is trying to wake me up but I'm just going to pretend like I can't hear him so I can get 30 to 45 more seconds of "shut eye". Why is it so cold in this damn house all the time. I need socks. I cannot go downstairs without socks.

Oh wow. My upper arms and back are sore from Combat yesterday. Awesome, I love that class even more now. I love punching. Punching makes me feel strong and focused. And I love knowing I am sore from punching air. 

Okay so I know I told Jacob that I am more than happy to prepare his lunch for him every day in the morning but now I'm doing three lunches. That's annoying. Shut up Amy. He deserves at least that. Shut up and don't say anything.  "You know you are like a kid now because I have to make your lunch in the morning too!" Ya just couldn't keep your mouth shut could you.

I don't want to do Ella's hair. It's such a waste of time to "fix" her hair, she always takes it down.  I'm ready for her to cut it off. Plus she loses all our ponytail holders. "Do you want to get a hair cut?" "No!!!" Whatever.

I'm looking forward to body pump today. Ugh...Jackson forgot his lunch. Okay I will drop that off on my way to the gym.

I'm getting Crystal a bench, just in case. Although, these bp-ers are like serious about this stuff. They may get pissed if there is a random bench taking up space. I will just pretend like I don't know who put it there.
Yep, I just "woo-hoo'd" in class. Loud. Was I the only one who did that? Awesome. Thank God for loud music. Only Crystal knows the truth. 

I can't believe I just let Crystal talk me into making a video. The things I do...

What is for lunch? I'm hungry. I'm always hungry. Food is stupid. Speaking of stupid. This weather is stupid. We literally had like three weeks of winter. If that. That means that summer is going to be like hell on earth. Which means I have to wear shorts. I do not like shorts. Summer is stupid. Food and Summer are both stupid. 

I feel really good today. Like I'm going to pray to God that I have this same amount of energy when it's time to work out tonight. "Dear God, please let me keep this energy level through out the day. I want to walk away tonight with a red face and drenched shirt." Amen.

Heck yeah, only laundry i have for the day is towels. Love that. Okay are Landon's underwears disappearing. Seriously. Okay so i have Landon's laundry and towels. Heck yeah just went to...yeah.

So yes, my prayers worked. I'm ready to go. I don't feel too exhausted at all. Let's do this. I'm running 5 damn miles tonight. I need to do this. I can do this. After I clean up Landons puke from crying so hard from hitting his head on the floor. He is a non-stop puke machine. For reals.

Did I just stretch my arms before starting to run. I did, I actually did that. I never do that. Odd. Wait, it's because they are sore and it feels good to stretch them and it's because today, I feel good about this run. Time to break the 4 mile cycle. Here. We. Go.

I'm starting two songs back. Something different. It's already helping.

1 mile in, body check. Feel good. First mile was easy. Normally after a morning of body pump it would be  hard by now. This is a good sign.

Mile 2, Steph is calling me. I can't stop. If I stop it will be too hard to start up again and it's still pretty easy for me. Besides, look at this girl in front of me. She's amazing. She's young. She's overweight. She has been running since I have been on here. I'm not stopping if she isn't stopping. 2 minutes later - crap, she stopped. okay well I have to keep going. Music is good. Legs are moving. Can't stop sweating. I can do this. I'm half way there. Plus, I feel like a bad A next to the man and woman on both sides of me walking. I do. And I'm okay feeling that way. Damn it, just swallowed my spit the wrong way - I just gasped and now I'm trying to catch my breath from it. Ugh....Okay I'm almost to 4. My brain is trying to fool me. It's telling me I'm almost done...It's a tricky thing...Shut up Brain!

4 mile mark and I get a text from husband two treadmills over "I'm just walking off the last 39 calories."
Screw a duck..NOooooo!! That's all I needed, an excuse to be done. I've hit 4 miles and he is done. I have done good but that wasn't my goal for tonight. And tonight is the night. I will be so mad at myself if I stop now. Just.Keep. Going. My lungs are good - big deep breath. My legs are moving. The only thing that hurts is the bottom of my feet and I can run through that. I am going to make myself proud.

4.5 miles. I want to quit. I want to stop but I have two more laps. Two more. I can do that. I am almost there. Time to put on my song. Fort Minor. Remember the Name. Listen to the beat, run with the beat. Now speed up.

5 miles. Mission Accomplished. Happy Girl. Seriously happy girl. Red faced and drenched shirt.