Thursday, November 1, 2012

Short and Sweet

Ahhhhhh.....Where do I begin?? It's been awhile, I know,  but rather than doing a few different posts for this fabulous October I thought I would cram all the happenings into one. Probably a dumb idea because that makes the post even longer and then you lose interest midway through. Or perhaps before that...maybe you have already lost interest. Whatever, I will enjoy writing this one. It's freaking October peeps...and it ended well.

Pumpkin Patches and Halloween Parties and Trick or Treating...OH MY!! That didn't really flow well but you get where I was going with that, right?

I'm going to do my best to make this short and sweet because that is what October was. Too short and super sweet!!

I love adult Halloween Parties. I love dressing up. This year, however, was a bit more challenging than others. Why, you ask?  Because I'm fatter than in years past. Goooo Me! That was part of the issue..another part was that I am horrible at making decisions. Just ask ANYONE that knows me. Lastly, and the most important issue, I believe, is that they don't have mirrors in the dressing rooms of the Halloween/Costume stores that I visited. Seriously, who does that? So every time I tried something on I was forced to go outside the dressing room, having no idea how I looked, to hurriedly check myself out in the "public" mirror all while there was a line of people waiting to try their own costumes on. Because of this I have 60, non refundable,  costumes sitting at the back of my closet right now. Okay, 60 may be an exaggeration. More like 3. And yes, my husband and I are still married in spite of this little debacle.

Either way...I made a decision. Nerd was the WORD. 

We pull this off well, don't we? A little too well. 

Onward and upward...but first, here are a few of my favorite pics from the 2nd Annual Pickett Halloween Bash. And a shout out to the hosts' of this party. They know how to put together a crowd pleasing ambiance. 

I don't have very many traditions with my little ol' family but I'm working on that. A few at Christmas, cupcakes on Halloween and every year, since my oldest (who is now 10)  was 2 years old, we have gone to the same Pumpkin Patch in Flower Mound. I love that place and this year I loved it even more. We literally went last minute and I'm glad we did. The normal crowd wasn't there this time and the weather was a bit cooler as the sun started to go down. Even the bees weren't so plentiful and obnoxious. Needless to say, we had fun. Here are some pics to prove it!! 

*** Please ignore the pregnant blimp pictured above with Ella. Whoa....
Finally, there was Halloween. I love Halloween. Neighbors open their doors for you to pass out candy. Some people go all out and decorate their homes to make it even more fun for the kiddos to come a' knockin'.  I love seeing all the littles dressed up in their costumes. It is just so much fun. I really do love it!! We always go trick or treating in a rather large group. And we usually all get separated one way or another. It's going to happen though. Half the kids are big kids and the other ones are toddlers just trying to get to the next house while going through their bag trying to pull out the next candy of their choice. Actually, when we do all finally catch up we usually take that as a sign that are night is coming to an end. The big kids are worn out and the little kids, who are worn out too, just want to sit and examine their treasures. We always save that fun adventure for the drive way when we are done.

Haha!! Isn't Caleb's beard hilarious!!

Whelp that about wraps up my October. It's the first of November which means I get to update my calendar (yes I get pretty excited about doing this), baseball season is coming to an end (Thank Goodness) and my Halloween Decorations are coming down...but not until this weekend. I plan on putting up some fun stuff for Thanksgiving if I get around to it. Happy November!!!



  2. I loved the comparison pics!! And I"m sad we don't go trick or treating with you guys anymore. :( It's way more fun with you all! Loved the kids costumes! Landon is one super cute pirate!

    1. Why don't you go with us? It was way fun when we all went together. You should go with us next year!!