Thursday, November 29, 2012

Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing....This actually has nothing to do with this post. However, now that I have Googled it quite thoroughly, I made need to take the time to watch this movie.

I will start over.

This is a compilation of my randoms. You're very welcome.

My Thanksgiving was wonderful, thank you for asking. I did not eat enough though. Days later I wished that I had eaten more. Or taken left overs home. Something. I did burn myself on the delicious and very hot green bean casserole. That numbness stayed with me for a few days and was a nice reminder of how badly I wanted more.

My mom bought the small olives for the appetizer. Therefore, there was no fun eating olives off my fingers. No, not this year. Tragic, I know.

Remember that kidney infection I had back in August. Yeah, my insurance company is still contending with me to settle it. Seriously. It was not a pre-existing condition. P.S. I hate you. (Not YOU, the insurance

I loathe this weather. It's so ridiculous. So not fall like. Which only means winter will, yet again, skip right over us. I know this opinion isn't shared by everyone. But the people that I do share this with keep me comforted. Allison, I thank you for the "future forecast" text. It has done wonders for keeping my hope alive. 

The word LOATHE is stupid. Necessary at times but still STUPID.

In years past, we would normally let our children decorate the tree all on their own. The ritual was that after their bed time I would usually rearrange all the ornaments in an orderly fashion so that my tree didn't look like it threw up all the ornaments in one place. This year, however, the ritual changed. This Holiday Season, my husbands' OCD only compelled him to move a few and these were mostly all of Landon's doing. At the front, on the bottom, three ornaments to one tree branch. Obviously a necessity. Otherwise, I don't know if I'm more proud of myself for not rearranging anything or my kids for decorating the tree with a purpose. I give this year's tree decorating ceremony two thumbs up.

I have four more gifts to get and I will be done with my Christmas shopping. Four. I can hear your applause from a distance. It's very satisfying.

Yesterday, while we were at the doctors office, a stranger came over and started making conversation with Ella and Landon. It was weird. She then proceeded to sit on the ground and teach Ella how to multiply by 9's. The weirdness continued. She heard Ella say that she was going to write a story. Stranger wanted to know every detail in her story, like putting Ella on the spot because she hadn't thought that through yet. And just when I thought she would never go away, she said that she had an appointment with her therapist. Of course at that point, it all made sense. 

I am registered for two different 5ks!!  As excited as I am about this I also believe it will be very anti-climatic. I always pictured my loved ones being at the finish line with a big bottle of water, hugging me and congratulating me on my success. Maybe even some tears. But I run more than a "5-k" distance at least three times a week. This really isn't going to be an accomplishment for me. More like a "Yay!! I got a t-shirt and a runners bib! Go Me!" And the 2nd 5-K, well that's so crowded and colorful I hear you can't even run it because everyone is stopping to get sprayed with color. I mean obviously I will be doing this very thing. I watched the Color Run video again last night, I don't care if I run it, walk it or crawl it - I am so looking forward to this event!!!

I'm going to start training for a 10k. Soon. Very soon. By soon I mean after the New Year. Just so we are clear.

I have tried three new recipes from Pinterest this week. I will be posting about them later. Be excited. Be very excited.

My Mom bought my daughter,Ella, tickets for the Taylor Swift concert. We have decided to give them to her for Christmas. This is torture. I can't even freaking wait to see her face when she gets this gift!! She is going to looooooove it!!

You know when you are uber thrilled about giving your kids a gift that you think they are going to love just to have their reaction fall flat and not meet your expectation at all? Total Bummer.

So you know that Christmas Party that I got so worked up about for my Husbands work? Well now Husband doesn't know if we are attending. Mostly because he doesn't want to have to buy me anymore clothes for anymore special occasions. Is it my fault that his company called for a business attire? Absolutely not. So I may have nothing to report about. What I will tell you is that if my sweet Husband waits until the last minute to tell me we are going just to have me frantic about what I need to find to wear, I may kill Husband.

Later Gators


  1. This weather makes me so sad... I don't know why I am surprised though.. Its been like this for the last 2 years I think. I am hoping we at least get a cold Jan & Fed

    1. I know. This is why I am not surprised. Still doesn't make it any less disappointing. I guess we are just going to have to move. Any suggestions? I prefer a 4 seasons time of place.