Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Thoughts, Happy Life

So True and extremely difficult to pull off. Actually, I only assume it's difficult, I have never really tried it for a long period of time. Maybe I should do that before saying it's difficult or discouraging anyone from doing it. Okay, so I take it back. So True. The End. 

 For example, while my daughter and nephew are building semi-awesome forts in my living room it's difficult for me to keep happy thoughts in my head. I see my living room being destroyed, all the sheets from the linen closet (that were meticulously stuffed in there) strung up on chairs and couches now, all while the play room is being completely unused. The play room - a place that is hidden from any of the numerous guests that may arrive at my house at any time now to see the mess in my living room.  What? It could happen. 

Or my husband sends me a text with good intentions behind it. The first thought that comes to my mind, "Same story, different day." Seriously, that's rude. He's trying to be kind and nice and hopeful and I just tear him down with my not so happy thoughts. I tried to recover but he knew I was spreading the sarcasm on thick. The man knows me well. 

You know what though...I did apply this, "Happy Thoughts, Happy Life" theory the other night. I was unsettled about something going on and I took a step back and realized it could be different. It could be worse. It's temporary and in the bigger picture, it's really not so bad. So I have done it, and it does work. I felt at peace after I had that conversation with myself. I was....well...Happy. The trick is to do this continuously and today, I'm not off to a good start. But the day ain't over yet!!

It would help if I had a coffee. Or a brownie. Anything chocolate at this point. I'm not being picky. And a coffee. And some new Essie nail polish in Bikini  so Teeny, Mojito Madness, No Place Like Chrome, Picket Fence and whatever coral color Erin put on my nails last Saturday. And yes, I knew the colors off the top of my head. ; )  Because I'm cool like that.

Seriously, everyone is going through something. EVERYONE. And maybe that something is like a darkness for them. Like they can't quite see the end of the tunnel, they aren't even sure if there is an end to the gloomy fog they are in. And I just want to be the person that offers them a flash light. I don't have to BE the actual LIGHT at the end. I don't even have to know how long the damn tunnel is. I just want to be a different perspective. And I think everyone needs that. A new outlook. A different window to look out of. A different door to open. They don't know it's there but that's what we are here for. As friends, as daughters, as mothers, as sisters. We just have to keep them going.

Since my last post was such a hit, I thought I would add a few more Pinterest recipes and give you my thoughts on them. (I'm kidding, I think I heard from like 2 people...WAIT...Happy thoughts...) It was a hit because I know at least two people who read it and got something out of it..Boom...Be gone negative Nancy's in my head...

 Ummmm so these were really delicious!! But, I cannot tell a lie. There isn't anything healthy about them. I just made this meal for my husband and myself so I used two chicken breast in the crockpot. I used half a bottle of the hot sauce for the two pieces of chicken and no water.  It was nummmmm...EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

 Loved these!!! And what I loved best about them is I was able to make a healthier variation of them. I got Tomato Basil tortillas that are really low in calorie and can be found at Wal-Mart. I used turkey pepperoni and low fat or reduced fat mozzarella cheese. I added mushrooms and jaleps to the quesadillas but you could add whatever you wanted.(bell peppers would be good too) Highly Recommend for a quick and easy meal. 

It has been so long since I made this I had to go back and look at the recipe. I know I used ground turkey instead of ground beef (lets just assume I do every time) and I would not have used an onion but instead onion powder. They were good. I haven't made them since though, not sure why. I remember them tasting pretty close to an actual Philly Cheesesteak, which I love. Good for a football game day!! Ughhh....Can't wait for fall!!! 

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  1. Stop posting these food items! It's making me more hungry!!! ARRRGH!