Thursday, July 12, 2012

Been There...Tried That!!

I told you I was going to post about the delicious or not so delicious things I have tried on Pinterest. You just didn't expect it to be so soon did you?

Side Note - On our way to Nebraska, as soon as we got the kids settled in the car and headed out my oldest, Jackson yells, "You bring the Jack!" and Ella, my 7 year old answers with...yep, you guessed it, "I'll bring the COKE!" - Proudest Mom Moment EVER.

Side Note to my Side Note - This morning I had to drop the kids of at VBS. On the way, Ella mentioned wanting to go see the Katy Perry movie in theatres. (Actually I now also want to see this) I tell her that I will NOT watch it in 3D and Jackson says, "I wouldn't want to watch it in 3D either. It makes my ding dong hurt. Like when I ride a roller coaster or something. That makes my ding dong hurt too."  - I was left speechless

Okay....On to more important things. Like.....what's for dinner, Mom? Well maybe I can give you a few ideas..or perhaps taketh away a few. However, if I failed at any of the meals I attempted it wasn't the foods fault or the person who created the recipe. 9 times out of 10 it's sure to be my error. So keep that in mind when I mention things like, "vomit or ewww or thumbs down".

Here are just a few I have tried:

Homemade Toasted Ravioli

So these were my first, "Give it a Whirl" and they were...okay. Just okay. I did some in oil on the stove top and it was too heavy, to "fried" tasting for me. So then I did the other half in the oven and broiled them. That batch was better. I just think at that point I was done with them. Must have ranch and or marinara to dip in.

Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Two thumbs up for sure. When my two older ones are with their dad, my husband and I try to plan small easy meals for the two of us. This is one of our favorites. I also love spicy foods!! However, I did follow the directions the first time and I found the peppers to be sort of bland. I was hoping for spicier. So now I just put in jalapenos from a jar. Dip the sandy in some tomato soup and you are set!! Nummy!!

Ranch Greek Yogurt

Mix 1 packet of Ranch Dressing Mix with one container of Greek Yogurt and you will have a tub of BLARF!! I'm all for making things healthier, I do that with most of the recipes when I can but this does NOT taste like Ranch dressing. Not at all. Unless the Ranch dressing you eat taste like straight up vomit. The End.

Dried Strawberries

Taste like Candy!!! Bahahahahhahahaha!! Hilarious...and also Ewwwww...Now, I will admit that when I was making these and following the instructions I questioned adding the salt and pepper but I did it anyways. Because...someone knows what they are doing right?? Whelp..No..Not this person. By this person I mean me. Maybe should have gone with my gut and not added the salt and pepper to taste but even then, I'm not sure I would have been a fan.

Frozen Yogurt covered Raspberries

So she used blueberries but I used raspberries. I thought they would be less sour. I don't do sour. I do sweet. My kids like raspberries and they did not like these. I think, honestly, it was because they were too cold to eat. I, personally, didn't like them but I don't like raspberries so blueberries would not have been any different for me. I may try strawberries next time because I really liked the yogurt. Husband loved these!

Cafe Rio Chicken

This is, by far, the entire family's favorite meal. I just made this last night actually, with lots of left overs today. :) It is so easy and it's a crockpot meal, makes it even better! It's mindless work when it comes to dinner. I have made this with soft and crispy tacos (we prefer the crispy) and if there are left overs then you can make it like a dip and mix it with refried beans or sour cream and dip tortilla chips in it. It is so flavorful and the chicken is so moist. We all love it!!

Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps

I'm positive I have already posted about these delicious wraps previously in my blog but I love them so much I'm doing it again. The only thing I would recommend is being sure you get a good, fresh crisp lettuce head. It's crucial to keeping these wraps from falling apart. I also never use ground hamburger meat anymore. I am ground turkey all the way. It is so good!!

Cheesy Chicken Wild Rice Casserole

This one is Momma's favorite!! Which surprises me because it is a little more work for me. But I never knew how much I love wild rice. The recipe calls for 2 cups white rice and 2 cups wild rice but I do 3 cups wild rice and 1 cup white or brown rice. Either one. Wild rice just has way more flavor to it. And the cheese sauce is to DIE for!!!! Secret: I don't do any of the vegetables. I want my kids to eat this stuff. I do flavor with onion powder and serve green beans or corn on the side but I skip the vegetable part for the dish all together. This is a ~ winner winner chicken dinner~ in my tummy and at the table!! Seriously, you must try.

Crockpot Cubed Steak

Mmmmm....this was delicious and another crockpot easy peezy one!! Seriously, it doesn't get much easier than a crockpot meal right? Anyways, I wouldn't change a thing about this at all!! I served it over rice and we loved it! So good!!

 Ummmm so these were really delicious!! But, I cannot tell a lie. There isn't anything healthy about them. I just made this meal for my husband and myself so I used two chicken breast in the crockpot. I used half a bottle of the hot sauce for the two pieces of chicken and no water.  It was nummmmm...EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

 Loved these!!! And what I loved best about them is I was able to make a healthier variation of them. I got Tomato Basil tortillas that are really low in calorie and can be found at Wal-Mart. I used turkey pepperoni and low fat or reduced fat mozzarella cheese. I added mushrooms and jaleps to the quesadillas but you could add whatever you wanted.(bell peppers would be good too) Highly Recommend for a quick and easy meal. 

It has been so long since I made this I had to go back and look at the recipe. I know I used ground turkey instead of ground beef (lets just assume I do every time) and I would not have used an onion but instead onion powder. They were good. I haven't made them since though, not sure why. I remember them tasting pretty close to an actual Philly Cheesesteak, which I love. Good for a football game day!! Ughhh....Can't wait for fall!!! 

Alright, well I have tons more but I think I will stop here. If you follow me on Pinterest you can go to my 'Been There Tried That' board. I try to repin everything there once I have done it so if you want to try something on the board and want to know how it ended up before trying it out just ask!!

Laters Gators!!


  1. I hate the greek yogurt ranch dip too! Try small curd cottage cheese. Just put that and the dip into a blender. It's so good. I got my mom hooked on the stuff. Another thing I suggest is roasted chickpeas or baked kale. They aren't good the day after, so you have to eat them after you bake them. yummy, healthy snacks.

    And I loved the notes you crossed out, especially about the jack and coke. Priceless! My kids love to open my beer in the evenings and sometimes will without me asking and I wasn't in the mood for one. Beginning to think my kids think I'm an alcoholic. :)

    1. Hey Monkey! Thanks for the suggestions! How long do I bake them for? Will have to give them a try...Hope your doing well!