Thursday, May 24, 2012

Laters Baby...

Momma needs some I.N.S.P.I.R.A.T.I.O.N.  people!!!

Or maybe I just need more quiet time. Yes, that must be it. I need more quiet time.

Or maybe I used all that up when I was reading my last trilogy. Yes, I read 50 Shades. Judge all you want. (I only say this because there were times when I was reading the books that I felt my own "inner goddess" looking at me with one of her eye brows raised, arms crossed  saying, "Really Amy? Really? You are reading that "smut"?) And to her I just said - "REALLY. I AM. AND I MAY READ IT AGAIN. BECAUSE I CAN." How is it possible that you can fall in love with a fictional character from a book? He doesn't even have a face. Well actually he has like 5 to 7 of them because no one can really pin point one guy and every one has their own version of Christian Grey. To each his own I suppose.

Whelp tonight is going to be a night of epic tears. I'm sure of it. Between the season finale of Glee and my last work out with Valerie (workout instructor)...the tears are going to flow. No holding back for me. Well except at the gym. There I will do my best to contain my emotions.  I'm surprised at how sad I am that Valerie is leaving my gym. I don't hang out with her outside the gym or chat with her on a daily basis. But for the last several years I have seen her at least three times a week at that gym. She has pushed me, made me sweat, made my muscles burn, made me sore for days with her vigorous work outs. She has such an infectious attitude. She is so happy all the time. And she makes me feel like I can do just about anything. I guess I'm just afraid that when she's gone I'm going to lose my motivation. But if she has taught me anything it's that I'm doing this for myself. Not for her. Not for the husband or my kids. Just me. Fittingly enough, she played 'I'm a survivor' for our last work out. The girl knows what she's doing.

So I made a bucket list of things I want to accomplish this week. I got the idea from another blog that I read. The idea started out as something very thoughtful and simple. A friend of hers had sent her a text asking her what she was looking forward to this week...and that prompted her to come up with a bucket list. What a great idea. We always dread the week don't we? We always talk about what we have coming up that is so time consuming. Dance on Monday, Baseball on Tuesday, Game on Thursday and Saturday. Work. Painting. Putting a fence up. Paying off a ticket. Field Day. (am I seriously the only parent that does not look forward to field day) Moving. Laundry. Grocery Shopping. Every thing we aren't looking forward to. So make a list of things that you are looking forward to. And don't look at it like a to-do list. More like a 'I can't wait to do list.'

So here is my weekly Bucket List that will more than likely spill over to next week. Fine by me. ;) Gives me something to look forward to.

Picnic Lunch at the "beach"
Put together Ella's lego set with Ella
Go for a walk after dinner
Play WAR with Jackson
Watch a movie with Husband after babies are in bed
Send a text to a friend to let them know I am aware of what they have been up to and that I am thinking of them.
Send my husband an email telling him how much he means to me
Write a note in Jackson and Ella's Mommy and Me journals
Introduce Landon to a trampoline and a water hose at the same time
Bake something new and bring it to Nana - Make with Ella.
Go swimming for as long as Husband can stand it. (wimp)

I have so much more fun things to do this week and weekend. I kinda sorta can't wait!!

You know what would be if I had more than one pair of work out pants. Seriously. I have one pair. I work out five days a week. One pair. Oh and if I had a sports bra where I didn't have to also wear a regular bra underneath said sports bra to help for support. My one sports bra is from 15 years ago. It's old school. Also, while I'm complaining, if all the work out t-shirts I had didn't have holes in the pits. Seriously. Holes in the pits. I try to wear those when I'm doing just legs or running but some how or another...we have to raise our damn arms for something and then BAM!! There it is folks...Speaking of BAM....holy SPIN class...I have only done it twice and wow!! Hardest work out I have ever done. I love it. Love it. Highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get in shape. It burns so many calories in such a small amount of time. Also, if you don't partake in the stretching or choose a bike at the back of the class no one will notice the big gaping holes you have in the pits of your shirts. Pits is a gross word isn't it? Pits...Pits...Ewww. 

I think I'll end on that note.

Laters baby,

Ana..I mean Amy

Hey a girl can dream can't she...


  1. Look forward to field day- or try -even though it's hot and miserable. I have only been able to go a limited number of times and when you don't have the option and your child is disappointed because you can't because you have to work to support said child... well, that is horrible. Think about that when your sweating tomorrow. Ps: We get to come to field day, too! Oh & pits is a gross word!

  2. I will do my best to find the positive in 95 degree heat that I will be in from 9 am to 2 30 pm. Two kids. All freaking day. I'm not off to a good start arent I?? Okay, I will try harder. Starting now.

  3. Um thank you for making me giggle this morning I needed that c: