Friday, July 19, 2013

Friends Flex It Friday


For the first link up we are basically networking! So if you don't mind.....

Tell us 5 Facts about you
 Tell us 5 Fitness related facts about you

Insert pictures Mmmkay.. I wanna see you!
Then you will just add your link and link back to us!

( this means click the link at the bottom add your link and it will walk you through it… then when you post your blog add the Friends Flex it Friday Picture and the links when you mention “linking up with Crystal Michelle + Amy”  back to us.)

Make sure you add your link to my blog  & Crystal's as well!
We will follow your blog via blog lovin’ and stay in touch! In future link ups there will be prizes and fun stuff! We plan on linking up about at home workouts, quick and easy meals for the fambam, fill in the blanks and much more!


I love the beach but the ocean freaks me out. (Hello..Sharks!!)
My eyes turn green when I've been drinking special beverages.
I got my daughters name, Ella, out of a Pottery Barn magazine. 

My oldest friendship is 19 years and still going.
I do believe I am addicted to Spark. 


I have to have my Polar HRM and my music for a work out or forget it - it's not happening.
My favorite muscle group to work out is my Shoulders. Deltoids are pretty. ;-)
The stair master is HELL. But I do that for my cardio because it is more challenging to me than running is.
My favorite work out song is Til I Collapse by Eminem.
I dance while I work out. It's true.


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