Thursday, December 6, 2012

Taggin' Tursday??

 Okay so oops.... I missed Crystal's Taggin' Tuesday by two days. I procrastinated, I admit it.

Either way, prepare to have your mind blown.

Random Facts About Me

My husband is my bestest friend. 

I eat 2 egg whites every morning and cannot have them without Frank's Red Hot Sauce. That stuff is the bomb diggity.

My husband's brother is my brother in law....squared. And my sister is also my sister in law. 

When I run and when I'm trying to sleep is when I come up with my blog post ideas. I am working on a SOA one currently.  Because I can. 

This conversation just happened. (btw: "stree" is slang on the street for....street...Yeah)

My dumb dog still pees every where. Bed. Couch. Floor.

I put Vaseline on my eye lashes at night before bed. C'mon eye lashes, grow! Damn it!

I love the feel that a lit lamp can give a bedroom. 

My husband paints my toes. What? It saves us lots of money! 

I believe our lives are a series of events that are meant to be. But we have to be content with not knowing the reason for EVERYTHING that happens to us. 

I love the beach. Hate swimming in the ocean. 

I love getting new, fun colored, loofah's. 

I tried to pierce my sister's ears when we were little. I kinda, sorta got in trouble for that. But I blame the movie, Grease. 

I use to have a huge crush on Corey Haim.

I get overly excited and scream with joy when my 3 year old says, "I love you most." 

The End. 

Mind Blowing, wasn't it??




  1. I'm ready for the race of the car rentals!! :) I'm the same way about lamps. I have a lamp fetish too. In my dining/living area, there are 4. So sweet Jacob paints your toenails! I should ask Jason jsut to see his reponse, although he would eff them up if he did it! Vaseline helps your lashes grow? I put it on my feet then with socks to sleep in to make my feet super soft. And I can't wait for your SOA post!

    1. You know when you have a good idea but you let time pass for too long before you act on that good idea...My SOA is becoming that...I'm losing interest.